Dermatologic System – Clinical Medicine (PA)

Dermatologic System – Clinical Medicine (PA)

by Stephen Holt, MD, MS
The Dermatologic System is a vast area explored by medical students, which is why Lecturio is going to help you understand this system easily. From cases such as skin neoplasms to melanoma, you will learn how to distinguish between different illnesses and understand their varying etiologies.

Yale’s leading educator in dermatology, Dr. Stephen Holt, will outline the various characteristics of each case and help you pinpoint features faster. Moreover, the lectures will further deepen your knowledge about how skin disorders and infections develop. On completing this course, you will be able to confidently answer questions covering PA curriculum topics within the dermatologic system.

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  • Duration 3:58 h
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Your Educators of course Dermatologic System – Clinical Medicine (PA)

 Stephen Holt, MD, MS

Stephen Holt, MD, MS

Stephen Holt attended Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons and subsequently completed his residency training and Chief Residency at Yale's Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency Program before joining the program as an Assistant Professor. He currently serves as the Associate Program Director for Ambulatory Education in the Primary Care Program.

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Worth it!!!
By Noah S. on 06. June 2021 for Quick Review: Psoriasis

Amazing content and explanation. Lecturer has the ability to simplify very complex material which is great for exam preparation.

Good course.
By Qiuyao G. on 28. May 2021 for Skin Infections

Love it! It helps a lot. Dr Stephen makes it very clear.

Lecture is great
By Irfan A. on 06. April 2021 for Neoplasms of the Skin


Great instructor!
By Jennie P. on 04. April 2021 for Allergic and Immune-mediated Skin Disorders

I really like this instructor. He distills the message into the most important information and makes it easy to remember!