Nefrología (ENARM / Atención médica al paciente)

Nefrología (ENARM / Atención médica al paciente)

by Amy Sussman, MD

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Your Educators of course Nefrología (ENARM / Atención médica al paciente)

 Amy Sussman, MD

Amy Sussman, MD

Dr. Amy Sussman is an Associate Professor of Medicine and the Vice Chair of Education in the Department of Medicine of the University of Arizona (UA), USA.
She obtained her MD from the University of Arizona in 2001 and completed residency and a Nephrology Fellowship at the University of Washington. Dr. Sussman was recruited back to the UA in 2009 and also serves as her department's clerkship director, and as the program director of the UA Nephrology Fellowship.
Because of her strong emphasis on medical student teaching, she has been distinguished with multiple teaching awards in the UA College of Medicine.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Sussman teaches courses on Nephrology.

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Reseña AKI
By Cristhian L. on 27. November 2022 for Acute Interstitial Nephritis – AKI

Es muy directa y está muy bien explicada. Pocos puntos negativos presenta

Simple explanation of a complicated subject.
By Zelalem D. on 15. November 2022 for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

I loved this really consolidated some of my scattered and disorganized 'knowledge'. It was simple but logical and easy to apply to what I already knew. An excellent refresher.

Review of Nephrotic Syndrome lectures
By Rachael K. on 19. October 2022 for Nephrotic Syndrome

Video lectures were quite informative and helpful . The presentation is clear for the intended audience

By Agustina C. on 23. September 2022 for Hypokalemia: Clinical Manifestations

Excelent explication! I really like the explication because it has all the hiperkalemia trastorns explained perfectly!