by Helen Farrell, MD

Review Psychiatry with the Best!

About 1 in 5 adults in the U.S.experiences mental illness in a given year. Every clinician needs training to detect, evaluate, and treat mental health issues.

Your tutor for this course is the board certified Psychiatrist Helen M. Farrell, a Harvard Medical School Instructor and a staff psychiatrist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. She will ensure that you not only memorize the most important facts, but also develop a deep understanding of essential concepts in psychiatry. This will help you immensely while solving clinical vignettes for USMLE Step 2 or your NBME Shelf exam.

This course covers all exam-relevant topics of Psychiatry, which include:

  • Psychiatric Assessment
  • Personality Disorders
  • Major Psychiatric Disorders
  • Control Disorders
  • Dissociative Disorders
  • Somatoform Disorders
  • Forensic Disorders
  • Age-Related Disorders

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Course Details

  • Videos 87
  • Duration 9:36 h
  • Quiz questions 372
  • Articles 49


Your Educators of course Psychiatry

 Helen Farrell, MD

Helen Farrell, MD

Dr. Farrell is a Harvard Medical School faculty member and board certified psychiatrist with a private practice in Boston. She has experience in patient care, teaching and in treating psychological disorders in various settings, including the Emergency Department, inpatient units and outpatient settings. She has translated difficult concepts in various psychology genres to educational videos via TED-Ed. Dr. Farrell is also well published in the field of forensic psychology and has appeared as an expert witness in court multiple times.

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A Good Lecture With Lecture Notes and Quiz
By Jacklin G. on 11. August 2018 for Taking the History

This was a good lecture. I am trying to take all of the Free Classes offered by Lecturio, so as to improve my own health. I appreciate this lecture, because it is offered by an instructor who has a real medical background. It is very easy to follow Dr. Helen Farrell's line of reasoning. The main points are also fairly easy for me to follow on the screen, because you provide these lecture notes to the student. The quiz helps me to see how well I grasp the information you explain in the lecture. Thank you so much for this offer.

I recommend anyone who's interested in psychiatry to watch it.
By Abdulaziz H. on 08. August 2018 for Mental Status Exam

Very helpful work from Dr.Farrell, Thank you very much.

By dijana d. on 30. July 2018 for Major Psychiatric Disorders

Doctor Farrell did an exceptional job presenting the material in detail and is sincere about her teaching role. Outstanding!

Best of the best.
By Neuer N. on 06. June 2018 for Personality Disorders

I choose this rating because the course have the best way to mastering the most important themes of personality disorders.

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