Psiquiatría (ENARM)

Psiquiatría (ENARM)

by Helen Farrell, MD

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 Helen Farrell, MD

Helen Farrell, MD

Dr. Helen M. Farrell is a board-certified psychiatrist and works in private practice in Boston MA. She obtained her MD from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland in 2006. Dr. Farrell served on the Harvard Medical School faculty for over a decade, during which time she was an award-winning lecturer.

Due to her achievements, she is well-published in the field of psychiatry and forensic psychiatry and has appeared as an expert witness in court. She also delivered the TEDx Talk, “Creating Hope for Mental Health” in 2015 and has since contributed to multiple TED-Ed videos on mental health, which have over 30 million collective views.

Within Lecturio, Dr. Farrell teaches courses on Psychiatry.

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Good detail
By Courtney T. on 10. June 2024 for Depression: Diagnosis and Symptoms

Quick but thorough review of the content. Appreciate the mnemonic.

Not as good as other lecturers
By Courtney T. on 09. June 2024 for Depression: Definition and Pathogenesis

Content is ok, but she reads off the slides almost verbatim which is distracting and unhelpful. It would be better if there were fewer words on each slide. I'mn sure this isn't the case, but I get the impression that she doesn't have a solid grasp of the content, hence the slide reading line by line.

Perfect summary!
By Rita C. on 31. May 2023 for Mild and Major Neurocognitive Disorders

Perfect summary! It highlights all the major points to be explored in the matter. Congratulations!

Great Lecture
By Neuer N. on 07. April 2023 for PTSD: Management

Very clear and to the point. But gives understanding from a beginning to an ending which builds an overall picture.