Dissociative Disorders
Dissociative Disorders

Dissociative Disorders

by Helen Farrell, MD

Become an expert in psychiatry!

This course will provide you with great reviews of dissociative and somatoform disorders.

Not only do you need to know about these disorders for your medical exams, but will also use your knowledge to treat your patients with the best possible care. Understanding the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of these psychiatric disorders is essential.

Learn about:

  • Dissociative Amnesia
  • Dissociative Fugue
  • Dissociative Identity Disorders
  • Depersonalization and Derealization Disorder
  • Somatization
  • Past Medical Illness
  • Psychological Factors Affecting Other Medical Conditions
  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Pain Disorders
  • Malingering

Your tutor for this course is Dr. Helen Farrell, who is a Harvard Medical School faculty member. She teaches on these topics regularly and has also published in the field. She will provide you with high-yield facts and everything you need to succeed.

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  • Duration 1:12 h
  • Quiz questions 53
  • Concept Pages 10


Your Educators of course Dissociative Disorders

 Helen Farrell, MD

Helen Farrell, MD

Dr. Helen M. Farrell is an Instructor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts, USA.
She obtained her MD from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland in 2006. Currently, she is a Harvard Medical School faculty member, and board certified Psychiatrist and Forensic Psychiatrist.
Due to her achievements, she is well published in the field of forensic psychology, and has appeared as an expert witness in court. She also delivered the TEDx Talk, “Creating Hope for Mental Health” in 2015.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Farrell teaches courses on Psychiatry.

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Uptodate and beautifully explained
By Masood M. on 15. December 2021 for Somatization

Uptodate and beautifully explained. Providing contrast between primary and secondary gain.

Awesome Lecture
By Mah M. on 03. July 2021 for Dissociative Disorders

Thanks to Dr Farrell, I finally got a handle on this. I am very happy with the course content and quality of the work put in. Thanks

Great lecture
By Mah M. on 03. July 2021 for Dissociative Fugue

I love her lectures. Her speech is deliberate, well-paced, easy to understand her content, even when it is complex material.

By Cyrus T. on 21. May 2020 for Dissociative Disorders

The subjects are clearly and concisely presented. Can’t be better