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How to Become an Ambassador


Can’t stop talking about Lecturio’s video lectures, the outstanding Qbank, and the smart Spaced Repetition algorithm? Become an ambassador today!


After registration, you’ll be equipped with a unique sharing link, which lets your classmates enjoy 25% off their first Lecturio Premium membership!


Once one of your referrals purchases Lecturio Premium, you’ll be rewarded with a $15 commission – tracked by the latest technology standards.

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Learn flexibly & effectively: study on the go and even offline.

What our Ambassadors are saying

Ambassador courtney
Columbia Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons

I’m very proud to be a Lecturio Ambassador.

Ambassador robert
Boston University School of Medicine

I especially like the rewards. It’s just a great mix of flat commission and extra bonuses. I am currently working hard to get enough referrals to receive a recommendation letter by the CEO to attach it to my next application.

Ambassador george
UCL Medical School of London

To me, the ambassador program is a great way to gain extracurricular experience.


1. Applying to be a Lecturio Student Brand Ambassador

As an Ambassador, you have the option of being involved in a range of on- and off-campus activities, whether it be handing out flyers or sharing a link on your preferred social networks. By spreading the word about Lecturio in your spare time, you can reward yourself with minimal effort and provide your colleagues with an effective learning platform.

  • Share content on diverse social media platforms while expanding your network
  • Foster relationships with student organizations and host events on your campus
  • Post on your favorite forums and seize opportunities to promote Lecturio through mentions
  • Spread the word offline while chatting with your colleagues
  • Represent Lecturio and our mission in an honest, professional, and creative way
  • Passion about sharing your medical school experience with fellow students
  • Networking: Build and foster relationships
  • Creativity and excellent communication
  • Affinity for social media and having a large network of peers and colleagues
  • Enthusiastic, flexible, and able to manage multiple marketing initiatives
  • Involvement as an active leader in a student organization is considered a plus
  • You must currently be enrolled as a medical student

Yes, of course! The only premise is that you are enthusiastic about Lecturio and are ready to spread the word.

We value our Ambassadors and appreciate your time and commitment very much. It’s simple: The more you network, the more fruitful this experience will be for you! But we are well aware that during exam periods, for instance, you may have less time for the program. Just get restarted once you’ve successfully passed your exams/the busy time is over.

Sure! If your friends like Lecturio as much as you do, tell them about your experience and feel free to share the access to the Lecturio Ambassador Program..

2. Spreading the word about Lecturio

  • Post on Social Media:You can easily share your link directly from the Ambassador Portal. Every time someone clicks on your shared link and subsequently joins Lecturio Premium, you receive a commission of $15.
  • Chat with your friends and colleagues: Mention your experience with Lecturio, email your classmates, and make your classmates jealous about that learning platform they’re missing out on. But wait! Don’t forget to share your unique link/code, which will allow them to get a discount and you to earn your reward.
  • Promote using offline materials: Hold a seminar with your colleagues. Use Lecturio videos for group study. Distribute flyers on campus. Post a flyer on the bulletin board at your local med student hang-out (ex. Coffee shop, library). In case you wish to host an event, please get in touch with
  • Post on your favorite forums:Forums and blogs like Reddit, Student Doctor Network (SDN), or your own University’s blog should have plenty of followers looking for great prep resources. If you are passionate about blogging and posting on forums and the like and would like to focus more on these activities, get in touch with However, please take care not to share your unique code/link on these forums. This is for information sharing only, not being spammy with a code.

You will find the Lecturio marketing materials on the Lecturio Ambassador Portal.

Can I create promotional material myself to promote Lecturio?

3. Referring my friends

Your friends and colleagues will receive a coupon code to get 25% off their Lecturio Premium Membership (valid on any plan). After clicking on your unique link, the offer is valid for 14 days. In addition, you can also share your unique discount code with them. They only have to enter it in the appropriate field in the payment process and will get their discount as well.

If one of your peers joins Lecturio Premium by using your unique link/code, the transaction is tracked by our system. You will get an email notifying you that you’ve successfully referred a friend.

It is not enough if your friends just sign up on or download the Lecturio app. In order to get rewarded and receive your commission, they must join Lecturio Premium as paying members.

4. Bonuses and payouts

For each customer that joins Lecturio Premium due to your referrals using your code or link, you’ll get a flat commission of $15, regardless of which plan they select. Other exciting bonuses await, including a free membership extension, a recommendation letter from our CEO, and more.

Unfortunately, joining the Ambassador Program does not automatically mean that you can use Lecturio for free. However, as one of our Ambassadors, we can grant you a 25% discount on your Lecturio Premium Membership. Simply write an email to to get your discount code. After 3 successful referrals, we can extend your Lecturio Premium Membership for 3 months – free! That’s awesome, right?

Your flat commission will be transferred to the PayPal account listed in your profile after about 3 weeks.

You’ll find the information on your bonuses and payments in your Ambassador Dashboard.

5. Leaving the Ambassador Program

Are you sure you want to leave and miss out on the chance to reward yourself with minimal effort? If so, you can deactivate your account in your account settings.

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