Understanding Genetics
Understanding Genetics

Understanding Genetics

by Georgina Cornwall, PhD

Genetics refers to the study of gene inheritance and expression in living organisms. Traits are codified and passed down from generation to generation via genetic material. In order for traits to be materialized, they must be decoded and translated into protein via gene transcription and translation.

In this course, the student will be introduced to the Mendelian model of inheritance, chromosome theory, gene mapping, DNA structure, and replication.

For optimal comprehension, the student will be required to be familiar with the basic concepts of college-grade biology and chemistry.

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  • Videos 28
  • Duration 1:50 h
  • Quiz questions 59
  • Concept Pages 9


Your Educators of course Understanding Genetics

 Georgina Cornwall, PhD

Georgina Cornwall, PhD

Dr. Georgina Cornwall is a Biology Instructor and currently works as an Instructional Designer in the private sector, developing interactive online training materials.
She obtained her PhD in Environmental, Population, and Organismic Biology at the University of Colorado, USA, in 2000, and has since taught a broad array of biology courses at various US universities.
She is an active promoter of hybrid/online teaching formats and interactive courses, and has received several awards for her engaging and innovative course design; e.g., she was named Adjunct Faculty of the Year at Colorado Mountain College in Aspen twice.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Cornwall teaches courses on Biology & Genetics.

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I really like this course a lot!
By Josué Alastair Á. on 31. December 2022 for Understanding Genetics

This subject was amazing to learn, and Georgina makes it easy to understand, so I could say that really loved this course, thank you.

Thank you :))
By Carzmo P. on 21. December 2022 for Phenotypes Affected by Environment and Epistasis – Beyond Gregor Mendel

Well structured and comprehensible. Ms Georgina Cornwall makes pleasant pauses between sentences, speaks clearly and explains so that it is easy to follow. The questions afterwards are also very helpful.

Good, but it could improve.
By Julia d. on 13. August 2021 for Phenotypes Affected by Environment and Epistasis – Beyond Gregor Mendel

I liked this lecture and I also like this teacher. I just sometimes find the explanations a little be confusing.

Excellent lectures
By Stephanie W. on 16. July 2021 for Chromosome Theory: Exceptions – Chromosome Theory and Sex Linkage

I'm really enjoying Dr. Cornwall lectures, I love the way she explains things!