Medical Genetics

Medical Genetics

by Georgina Cornwall, PhD

Medical genetics is the branch of medicine that focuses on the study and diagnosis of inherited disorders, including those related to chromosomes, single mutations, multiple mutations, and translocations.

For optimal comprehension, medical students should be familiar with the basic concepts of genetics, with special emphasis on the formation of a single genome from two haploid cells, as well as with gene expression and the patterns of inheritance.

Although not as prevalent as other disorders, genetic syndromes may still be encountered in daily practice. There are multiple variants of genetic syndromes and inherited conditions. A competent physician should have an acute clinical eye and be well acquainted with the most prevalent disorders in their field of work to be able to redirect patients to the pertinent specialty for further care. Early recognition of these disorders is beneficial for patients as it helps improve outcomes.

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 Georgina Cornwall, PhD

Georgina Cornwall, PhD

Dr. Georgina Cornwall is a Biology Instructor and currently works as an Instructional Designer in the private sector, developing interactive online training materials.
She obtained her PhD in Environmental, Population, and Organismic Biology at the University of Colorado, USA, in 2000, and has since taught a broad array of biology courses at various US universities.
She is an active promoter of hybrid/online teaching formats and interactive courses, and has received several awards for her engaging and innovative course design; e.g., she was named Adjunct Faculty of the Year at Colorado Mountain College in Aspen twice.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Cornwall teaches courses on Biology & Genetics.

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By David Abraham C. on 01. October 2022 for Chromosomal Disorders

Literally worst professor ever, she seems so desoriented and feels like she haven't even prepared the class

Good review.
By Oji O. on 03. June 2022 for Single-Gene Disorders

Excellent summary and overview. Read the concept pages for more detailed info.

By Ruben Arturo C. on 29. November 2021 for Introduction to Medical Genetics

I liked the course ,but a little more explination is needed in each of the clases

By James H. on 22. July 2021 for Medical Genetics

I believe this course is an excellent review of genetic basics, techniques and clinical correlates