Introduction to Imaging
Introduction to Imaging

Introduction to Imaging

by Hetal Verma, MD

Learn the basics of Radiology with an Ivy League instructor!

The field of Radiology requires an initial understanding of the basics of imaging techniques. You will also need to know the risks and effects of radiation on the human body. You'll be able to learn the common uses for the different imaging techniques and how to read radiographs. You will also learn about the differences in acquisition, cost and use of each of the common radiology modalities.

Do you want to know how CT and MRI may be manipulated to provide the best images to address the clinical question? Then this course is for you! Our instruction will teach you a step by step method to make sure you are able to identify healthy images from disease pathology in your patients.

Dr. Hetal Verma, a Clinical Instructor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School and Co-Director of the Radiology Cambridge Integrated Clerkship will instruct you. From her experience, she will provide explanations and instruction that is clear and easy to understand.

Learn about:

  • Basics of Radiology and Computed Tomography
  • Radiation
  • Ultrasound Imaging and Terminology
  • Doppler Ultrasound
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Nuclear Medicine: HIDA and VQ Scan
  • Nuclear Medicine: Bone, Cardiac and Thyroid Scan

Start watching the course now and begin to solve clinical vignettes with ease. Impress your attendings and peers with your newly gained knowledge all while raising your USMLE test scores!

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Your Educators of course Introduction to Imaging

 Hetal Verma, MD

Hetal Verma, MD

Hetal Verma has extensive experience practicing in the field of radiology. She is currently a Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School. Hetal has been in practice for over 10 years and has been teaching medical students and residents throughout that time. She has also been invited as a speaker at multiple teaching conferences for other physicians, technologists and the community. Hetal has a passion for teaching and is enthusiastic about teaching others about radiology.

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Very good!
By Rhayan R. on 12. February 2018 for Basics of Radiology and Computed Tomography (CT)

Very clear and objective explanation. I wouldn't mind if there were a few more details. :)

Love your lectures Dr Verma
By Dr Jerry G. on 04. February 2018 for Introduction to Imaging

Dr Verma You are amazing! You made very easy to understand Radiology Love you

By Juan Giuseppe C. on 28. January 2018 for Introduction to Imaging

I like it because it has a comprehensive approach regarding different images used in diagnosis. Fundamental knowledge is strengthened by illustrative lectures and abnormal images to compare and then you could fix your whole understanding through clinical cases. I believe it is a course based on problem-solving and that is cool when learning. Regards from Peru.

great video
By Moayed A. on 29. December 2017 for Nuclear Medicine: HIDA and VQ Scan

I love it this video has helped me to understand some concepts

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