Gene Expression
Gene Expression

Gene Expression

by Georgina Cornwall, PhD

Review gene expression with an expert!

Don't delay any longer. Start reviewing for the USMLE Step 1. Excelling on the USMLE Step 1 is a crucial step in your career. So don't put off the review process another moment. Start preparing with an expert, an expert who has dedicated her career to assisting medical students meet their potential.

Dr. Georgina Cornwall, Professor of Biology at Colorado Mountain College, has been helping medical students prepare for the USMLE Step 1 for years. Dr. Cornwall knows what medical students can expect from the exam and how to prepare them for it. Especially when it comes to the topic of gene expression.

Gene expression is a difficult topic to review, which is why it is imperative to have an expert on hand to guide your way.

This course will cover all of the following essential concepts of gene expression:

  • Types of RNA
  • How to Translate the Genetic Code
  • Eukaryotic Transcription
  • Splicing Process
  • Charging of tRNA
  • Gene Expression

Review the concepts of gene expression through high-yield, self-paced lectures with Dr. Cornwall. Don't wait one more day, your future awaits, start reviewing today.

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Your Educators of course Gene Expression

 Georgina Cornwall, PhD

Georgina Cornwall, PhD

Dr. Georgina Cornwall has taught a broad array of Biology courses at different U.S. universities, currently at the Colorado Mountain College in Aspen. Dr. Cornwall is an active promoter of hybrid teaching formats like online and interactive courses. Thus, she uses modern technology to engage her students in the diverse disciplines of biology – from Microbiology to Genetics.

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Video cuts before lecturer is finished talking
By Katherine G. on 26. December 2019 for Ribosome

This is one of the few videos in this video series where the video cuts before the lecturer is done talking or before she's done with the material for the section. For example, in this one she only discusses E site and video cuts... what about the other 2 sites on the ribosome?

Better preparation needed
By Katherine G. on 19. December 2019 for Elongation of mRNA

The instructor reading off the podium is not appreciated. It doesn't entice the viewer to keep watching.

Unclear and hard to follow.
By Marquis H. on 09. December 2019 for Types of RNA

Didn't explain clearly and concisely which each type of RNA was as well as providing its clear function. Additionally, it is best to provide the correct definition thus, followed by an analogy. Starting with an analogy of how the different RNA types can make the lesson hard to follow as well as, causing confusion in the actual definition of the term. This particular video was hard to gather information from.

amazing teaching!
By Debydgacha l. on 19. August 2019 for One Gene One Polypeptide Hypothesis

she was understandable! i liked her! i am so prepared for the next test we will be doing