Cirugía General (ENARM / Atención de Urgencias Medicas y Quirúrgicas)

Cirugía General (ENARM / Atención de Urgencias Medicas y Quirúrgicas)

by Kevin Pei, MD

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  • Videos 45
  • Duration 3:30 h
  • Quiz questions 160
  • Concept Pages 55


Your Educators of course Cirugía General (ENARM / Atención de Urgencias Medicas y Quirúrgicas)

 Kevin Pei, MD

Kevin Pei, MD

Dr. Kevin Pei is the Associate Chief Academic Research Officer and the Program Director of the General Surgery Residency at Parkview Health, in Indiana, USA.
After his residency at George Washington University, he was the Assistant Professor of Surgery at Yale School of Medicine for several years and obtained an additional Master's Degree in Education from Yale University.
He is an experienced educator and has received various teaching awards. In 2018, the Association for Surgical Education granted him the prestigious Philip J. Wolfson Outstanding Educator Award.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Pei teaches courses on Surgery.

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Lecs are too good makes it easier for me to understand and I’m doing good in my exams
By Anar R. on 13. June 2022 for General Surgery

The lecs are very well explained and makes it a lot easier to understand the concept well

The all general surgery part
By Mukendi B. on 04. April 2022 for General Surgery

4 it is my marks regarding this general surgery part starting from the interface system, very nice and briefly reviewed of each chapter which makes this surgery part lovely

Great lecture!
By Michele T. on 01. April 2022 for Pheochromocytoma

Brief and easy-to-follow introduction to pheochromocytoma. Very clearly presented with great visual aids!

Overall not bad
By Ayman E. on 28. February 2022 for General Surgery

I would like to have more depth on the clinical presentations and differential diagnosis as well as more information about the Therapie plans, decision making and type of surgeries. It would also be perfect since it is an online education platform to add an optional Real Operations Videos for e.g. for Appendectomy or Whipple OP or …etc.