Cellular Pathology (release in progress)
Cellular Pathology (release in progress)

Cellular Pathology (release in progress)

by Richard Mitchell, MD
In this course, Dr. Richard Mitchell will guide you through all of the relevant aspects of cellular pathology.

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 Richard Mitchell, MD

Richard Mitchell, MD

Dr. Richard N. Mitchell MD is a professor of Pathology and Health Sciences and Technology at the Harvard Medical School. He graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1984. His clinical interests include autopsy pathology, cardiovascular pathology, immunology, transplant pathology, and vascular pathology.

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Comprehensive learning
By K Sudhakar R. on 01. August 2021 for Acute and Chronic Inflammation

A detail and a broad way of teaching the subject. Dr. Richard teaching way, made to understand the concepts very well

By Patrick Lance S. on 31. July 2021 for Cellular Injury

this guy is badass!! he made this class so much fun and very simple to understand. you're a blessing to mankind

Time saving and comprehensive
By Rabia A. on 27. July 2021 for Acute vs. Chronic Inflammation

Really informative and to the point lectures that clearified my concepts

Pathology made easy!
By Aliyu M U. on 01. July 2021 for Cellular Injury

The hundred of pages in textbook presented elegantly beautiful and super easy to understand the concept. This lecture reduces the time needed to understand this part of pathology.