Newborn (Nursing)
Newborn (Nursing)

Newborn (Nursing)

by Jacquelyn McMillian-Bohler

The newborn period spans from a few seconds to 30 days of life. During this time, there are a lot of physiological and anatomical changes that occur. Therefore, newborns require vastly different care compared to larger kids and adults.

It’s important to know how to care for a newborn, recognize normal changes in this patient population, and rescue a newborn patient should they have difficulties. The first step in this newborn nursing course will be learning how to assess these babies, test for normal reflexes, recognize normal vital signs, and identify important newborn measurements. Additional content will cover perinatal loss and newborn nutrition.

This information is foundational and serves as a launching point for pediatric nursing.

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Your Educators of course Newborn (Nursing)

 Jacquelyn McMillian-Bohler

Jacquelyn McMillian-Bohler

Dr. Jacquelyn McMillian-Bohler is a Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM) and the Assistant Clinical Professor at Duke University School of Nursing in North Carolina, USA.
She obtained her PhD in Nursing Education from Villanova University. Currently, she teaches Health Promotion and Perinatal Nursing in the pre-professional and Master’s Degree programs at Duke University School of Nursing.
With an interest in global women’s health issues, Dr McMillian-Bohler has trained nursing students in China, South America, and the Philippines.
Due to her achievements, she earned the Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award at Duke University School of Nursing in 2020.
Within Lecturio, Dr. McMillian-Bohler teaches courses on Maternal-Newborn Nursing.

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