Urinary System and Kidney Development

by John McLachlan, PhD

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    Hello, and welcome to this lecture on the development of the kidney and the urinary system. What we’re going to do is to look at the basics of the development of the urinary system and then in particular, we’ll look at the circulation of amniotic fluid because this can be clinically really quite significant. And it follows from abnormalities that can arise during the course of urinary system development. So, let’s go back to an early stage in the embryo. Here, we’re looking at an image of an embryo, probably about four weeks after fertilization. We can see roundback the somites, the segmented structures that will give rise to the vertebrae. But if we could look through the embryo, you have to imagine that this is a semi-transparent embryo, what we’d see is that inside the abdominal cavity on each side of the gut, there are two ridges which run down the length of the body from head to tail and these are called the urogenital ridges. Now, this is important because they will give rise both to the urinary system, and also to the reproductive or genital system. So they’ll give rise to the ovaries and testis and many of their supporting structures, subsequently. Therefore, these two systems are closely linked together in the course of development. In this lecture, we were focusing on the urinary system. Now, this is a cutaway version of an embryo roundabout the same stage and up at the top, you can see it’s being cut transversely across the body axis, and there you can see the gut suspended from its dorsal mesentery. We can also see indicated the urogenital ridge, this ridge that runs down the body from head to tail, and of course there’s a parallel one on the other side of...

    About the Lecture

    The lecture Urinary System and Kidney Development by John McLachlan, PhD is from the course Embryology: Advanced. It contains the following chapters:

    • The Development of the Urogenital System
    • The Development of the Kidney
    • The Development of the Bladder
    • Development of the Urethra and Prostate
    • The Circulation of Amniotic Fluid
    • Abnormal Development of the Kidneys

    Author of lecture Urinary System and Kidney Development

     John McLachlan, PhD

    John McLachlan, PhD

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