System-Specific Embryology

System-Specific Embryology

by John McLachlan, PhD

This course covers everything you must know about embryology. Raise your USMLE scores with the help of high yield topic reviews, clinical pearls and valuable medical mnemonics.

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Your Educators of course System-Specific Embryology

 John McLachlan, PhD

John McLachlan, PhD

John McLachlan is Professor of Medical Education at Durham University, is a UK National Teaching Fellow, and formerly Editor-in-Chief of the Journal "Medical Education". He has been teaching Embryology to medical students for many years, apparently to their pleasure and benefit!

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2 stars.
By Noor K. on 19. September 2017 for System-Specific Embryology

Wasn't quite up to my expectations. Very less content, and no proper review of concepts or anything else. Sorry, but had to say!

Great selection of images
By Mehmed Taha D. on 17. September 2017 for Septation of the Heart – Blood Vessel and Heart Development

I watched this after i had the same lecture at my university and i couldnt believe how easy the subject actually is. The images selected are very helpful for the understanding of the subject. Thank you

Waste my time.
By li h. on 12. September 2017 for System-Specific Embryology

Waste my time. Too many points and pictures were repeated. It could not help me for USMLE after finishing all the lectures of embryology. Bad experience,sorry for say that. A new teacher is needed.

My Go-to for Embryology
By William S. on 07. May 2017 for System-Specific Embryology

Very good at explaining embryology and showing how we move from one point to another! Breaks each lecture down into systems, and goes at a pace you can happily follow. A breath of fresh air compared to the lectures I am used to getting. This has helped with my course massively!

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