System-Specific Embryology with John McLachlan
System-Specific Embryology with John McLachlan

System-Specific Embryology with John McLachlan

by John McLachlan, PhD

This course covers everything you must know about embryology. Raise your USMLE scores with the help of high-yield topic reviews, clinical pearls and valuable medical mnemonics.

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Your Educators of course System-Specific Embryology with John McLachlan

 John McLachlan, PhD

John McLachlan, PhD

John McLachlan is Professor of Medical Education at Durham University, is a UK National Teaching Fellow, and formerly Editor-in-Chief of the Journal "Medical Education". He has been teaching Embryology to medical students for many years, apparently to their pleasure and benefit!

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By João Pedro R. on 09. April 2020 for Midgut Loop and Hindgut Development – Stomach, Midgut and Hindgut Development

The animation helped a lot in my understanding of the topic. I would like to see this feature more times in other videos.

By vanessa l. on 07. April 2019 for Pharyngeal Pouches Development – Pharyngeal Arches Development

is fertiliSation misspelled ? Isn't fertilization? Just bellow the image? Am I wrong?

review and suggestion
By Irfan M. on 02. February 2018 for System-Specific Embryology with John McLachlan

he is a good,it would be better if v go a more deep with the information,perfect we use animation in the vidoes

Just what i needed
By Diego H. on 30. December 2017 for Abnormal Development of the Kidneys – Urinary System and Kidney Development

Useful and easy to understand. Just what i needed to start my embryology of renal system studies.