System-Specific Embryology

System-Specific Embryology

by John McLachlan, PhD

This course covers everything you must know about embryology. Raise your USMLE scores with the help of high yield topic reviews, clinical pearls and valuable medical mnemonics.

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Your Educators of course System-Specific Embryology

 John McLachlan, PhD

John McLachlan, PhD

John McLachlan is Professor of Medical Education at Durham University, is a UK National Teaching Fellow, and formerly Editor-in-Chief of the Journal "Medical Education". He has been teaching Embryology to medical students for many years, apparently to their pleasure and benefit!

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Excellent teacher
By Elsa T. on 01. March 2017 for System-Specific Embryology

Excellent teacher, he describes every system briefly, giving you a really solid foundation to build upon. I am very grateful for his lectures in reviewing embryology.

By Dominika J. on 05. February 2017 for System-Specific Embryology

Everything is described very briefly and I couldn't focus on it. Professor is not good teacher :(

4-star rating
By Maryam N. on 18. January 2017 for System-Specific Embryology

I give a 4-star rating because it gives a general overview of the topic, giving room to build up a more comprehensive presentation.

good effort and work thanks a lot prof john mclachlan we need to see some video or links
By Mariam M. on 14. January 2017 for Blood Vessel and Heart Development

good effort and work thanks a lot prof john mclachlan we need to see some video or links

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