System-Specific Embryology

System-Specific Embryology

by John McLachlan, PhD

This course covers everything you must know about embryology. Raise your USMLE scores with the help of high yield topic reviews, clinical pearls and valuable medical mnemonics.

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Your Educators of course System-Specific Embryology

 John McLachlan, PhD

John McLachlan, PhD

John McLachlan is Professor of Medical Education at Durham University, is a UK National Teaching Fellow, and formerly Editor-in-Chief of the Journal "Medical Education". He has been teaching Embryology to medical students for many years, apparently to their pleasure and benefit!

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Good explanation
By Enja O. on 19. November 2017 for Histological Differentiation – Lung Development

It was a very good explanation of this topic that i have had a problem with understanding for quite some time.

it is reaaly good but makes it difficult to understand without use of hands to pinpoint the exact location
By Irfan M. on 04. November 2017 for Abnormalities of the Heart: Diagnosis – Blood Vessel and Heart Abnormalities

i would recommend more use of upper limbs during lecture, it would be really more comfortable to understand if the professor uses his fingers rather than any other means other than that its very helpul

System specific embryology
By Mark A. on 30. October 2017 for System-Specific Embryology

Pace of lecture was fantastic and Lecturer was knowledgeable and in control of subject

Very well paced!
By Raegan A. on 24. October 2017 for Septation of the Heart – Blood Vessel and Heart Development

Dr. McLachlan's tone and pace is fantastic throughout all these cardiac embryology lectures. He keeps me engaged, and I was able to follow all the material on the first pass through without pausing or skipping back. I will rewatch this short series for the benefit that repetition brings, but the concept understanding is already concrete.

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