Respiratory Medications (Nursing)
Respiratory Medications (Nursing)

Respiratory Medications (Nursing)

by Rhonda Lawes

Drugs for Disorders of the Respiratory System

Allergic rhinitis and cough are commonly encountered in respiratory diseases. Asthma and COPD are chronic respiratory illnesses. As a nurse, you need a good understanding of treating them with the right medications. In this online course, you will learn how to suppress coughs and treat the most common disorders of the respiratory system, and the important maintenance of rescue medications in acute bronchospasm.

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 Rhonda Lawes

Rhonda Lawes

Dr. Rhonda Lawes is a Certified Nurse Educator (CNE), and an Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma College of Nursing in Oklahoma, USA.
She obtained her PhD in Educational Psychology from Oklahoma State University in 2016.
Due to her achievements, she has earned numerous teaching awards. She teaches nursing students how to use the science of cognitive learning to maximize their study effectiveness.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Lawes is the Director of Nursing Education Programs, and teaches courses on Pharmacology (Nursing), Medical Surgical Nursing and Pathophysiology.

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By Tranese H. on 17. September 2022 for Medications for Allergic Rhinitis (Nursing)

Very good! I am thankful for her! Reduced my study time.

Very helpful.
By Simion M. on 21. December 2021 for Bronchoconstriction: SABA vs LABA (Nursing)

Thank you, Ms Lawes, you are a perfect lecturer. The difficult matter is put crystal clear to us!

time saver
By Lourraine B. on 05. November 2021 for Medications for Allergic Rhinitis (Nursing)

condenses one chapter of my text into 10 minutes, which would otherwise take me 2 hours.

Best learning experience
By Elizabeth E. on 10. October 2021 for Medications for Allergic Rhinitis (Nursing)

The professor is the best, she makes every lecture understandable. Absolutely LOVE IT!!!!