Musculoskeletal, Skin and Connective Tissue—Embryology

Musculoskeletal, Skin and Connective Tissue—Embryology

by Peter Ward, PhD

This course will provide you with a basic knowledge of musculoskeletal system and pharyngeal arch development.

Test your skills with high-yield quiz questions and revitalize your exam preparation with specific, well-elaborated topic reviews.

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Your Educators of course Musculoskeletal, Skin and Connective Tissue—Embryology

 Peter Ward, PhD

Peter Ward, PhD

Peter J. Ward, Ph.D. has been teaching embryology, anatomy, histology, and neuroscience since 2005. He attended Carnegie Mellon University and later earned a Ph.D. in medical anatomy education from Purdue University. Dr. Ward enjoys finding ways to simplify the complex processes involved in human development and highlights the clinically-important aspects of embryology. Throughout these lectures, Dr. Ward shows how embryonic structures morph into the mature organs and other structures of the human body.

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great content !
By Omar M. on 11. July 2018 for Pharyngeal Arches

Lecturio should open their own medical school in the Caribbean and people could actually learn down there ! keep it up !

Awesome !
By Folake O. on 24. April 2018 for Development of the Limb Bones

He really took his time to explain and taught in ways we can remember

By Hazazi M. on 09. February 2018 for Development of Teeth

PERFECT!!! the lectures are very interesting and on point explains what i need to know.