Health Promotion & Maintenance (Nursing)

Health Promotion & Maintenance (Nursing)

by Jill Beavers-Kirby, Jessica Reuter, Joanna Jackson u.a.

Health Promotion & Maintenance

This course includes information about screening to identify risks and stages of development and growth. The topics in this section typically encompass approximately 9% of the NCLEX exam.
This percentage may vary up to + 3% depending upon the distribution in the content area.

Other topics in this course are:

  • The Aging Process
  • Ante/Intra Postpartum and Newborn Care
  • Developmental Stages and Transitions
  • Health Promotion/Disease Prevention and Health Screening
  • High Risk Factors, Lifestyle Choice and Self-Care
  • Techniques of Physical Assessment

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  • Duration 1:01 h
  • Quiz questions 15
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Your Educators of course Health Promotion & Maintenance (Nursing)

 Jill Beavers-Kirby

Jill Beavers-Kirby

Jill Beavers-Kirby has gathered vast experience in the medical field and is currently working full-time with adults who have lymphoma and leukaemia. She teaches part-time, too.

Jill Beavers-Kirby received an ADN from Wytheville Community College in Wytheville, VA. Moreover, she received a BSN Online from the University of Phoenix, a Master of Science Acute Care Nurse Practitioner from Wright State University and a Doctorate of Nursing Practice from the Ohio State University in 2011.

 Jessica Reuter

Jessica Reuter

Jessica Reuter has gathered experience in several areas of nursing, including telemetry, cardiac step-down, diabetes, perioperative as well as nursing education. She works as a clinical instructor for senior nursing students transitioning into professional practice and is an educator in the RN-BSN online program as well as coordinator of the operating room elective at The Ohio State University College of Nursing.

She is associated with the faculty at The Ohio State University, received the BSN from Kent State University and the MSN in Nursing Administration from Otterbein University.

 Joanna Jackson

Joanna Jackson

Joanna Jackson is a Medical Compliance Manager who works as an independet contractor. She is responsible for for federal, state and local regulations for clinics. She amongst other things develops and implements policies that conform to current standards of nursing.

In the past Jackson has worked as Clinical Manager in the Psychiatry and as a Regional Nursing Supervisor. After completing her studies at Miami Valley Career Technology Center, where she was an Honor Roll student, she was a finalist in the Health Knowledge Bowl Regional Contest.

 Diana Shenefield, PhD

Diana Shenefield, PhD

Diana Shenefield works at the Assistant Nursing Faculty at the Huntington University in Indiana. Her work includes teaching fundamental skills in nursing, pathophysiology and pharmacology.
She has got a PhD in Nursing Education which she got in 2012 at the Capella University in Minnesota.
Shenefield can look back on years of experience in the medical care sector. She is also a member of certain nursing associations like the National League of Nurses and the American Association of Critical Care Nurses.

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Great lecture
By MARGARIDA T. on 23. January 2021 for Developmental Stages and Transitions of Health Promotion (Nursing)

Very warm teacher, lots of practical examples. Good sistematization and overall explanation

By Thiviet N. on 22. July 2019 for Health Promotion & Maintenance (Nursing)

I was struggling to stay awake during these monotonousness videos. Boring, repetitive and shallow videos.

good video to learn
By Daphne W. on 02. July 2019 for Aging Process (Nursing)

very precisely, easy to understand about the aging process. interesting!!

self awerness. make sure the patients dont feel judged
By minenhle f. on 16. February 2018 for High Risk Factors, Lifestyle Choice and Self-Care (Nursing)

prefect teaching techniques. any topic can be done using these techniques