Embryology—General Principles

Embryology—General Principles

by John McLachlan, PhD

Review the best basic principles of biochemistry in this online course. Prepare for STEP 2 and the NBME Shelf exams with detailed knowledge about processes and pathways in biochemistry.

Get access to quiz questions, downloadable material and topic reviews that will help you to increase your knowledge.

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Your Educators of course Embryology—General Principles

 John McLachlan, PhD

John McLachlan, PhD

John McLachlan is Professor of Medical Education at Durham University, is a UK National Teaching Fellow, and formerly Editor-in-Chief of the Journal "Medical Education". He has been teaching Embryology to medical students for many years, apparently to their pleasure and benefit!

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Liked it
By Mariya F. on 13. November 2017 for Neural Tube Defects – Neurulation

The lecture is comprehensive and easy to understand even if you have a very basic knowledge in biology & medicine.

By krissy m. on 22. October 2017 for Neural Tube Defects – Neurulation

Awesome lecture very informative and concise. I appreciated the simple explanations.

Great summary!
By Saif K. on 27. September 2017 for Embryo Folding and Regionalisation of the Brain – Neurulation

Fantastic summary of the regionalisation of the brain. Clear and to the point without any waffle. Diagrams shown also only detail what is absolutely necessary unlike many developmental biology textbooks which can overload you with information. The only gripe that I possibly have is that a couple of the signalling molecules involved in the patterning of the brain / spinal cord should be mentioned in this lecture. Note: If you are a new user I would suggest not "jumping around" various lectures within the early development category (unless you have substantial prior knowledge).

Wonderfully Integrated concepts
By Amanda C. on 24. September 2017 for Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis: Introduction

Combined the general ideas and main processes into a beautiful linked picture allowing for actual and thorough understanding of the material