Early Development and the Organogenic Period
Early Development and the Organogenic Period

Early Development and the Organogenic Period

by Peter Ward, PhD

This course follows how a single-celled organism called a zygote passes through several developmental stages and creates a series of germ cell layers that will be transformed to create every type of tissue within the human body.

After completion of this course, you will be able to outline how a single-celled zygote transitions into the morula, blastocyst, bilaminar embryo, and trilaminar embryo and how the three germ cell layers (ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm) subdivide and create distinctive tissues throughout the body. Furthermore, you will identify various clinical or pathologic conditions can arise during these processes.

This course is directed toward health science and medical students. Any student studying embryology as part of their education will find these videos helpful.

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 Peter Ward, PhD

Peter Ward, PhD

Peter J. Ward, Ph.D. has been teaching embryology, anatomy, histology, and neuroscience since 2005. He attended Carnegie Mellon University and later earned a Ph.D. in medical anatomy education from Purdue University. Dr. Ward enjoys finding ways to simplify the complex processes involved in human development and highlights the clinically-important aspects of embryology. Throughout these lectures, Dr. Ward shows how embryonic structures morph into the mature organs and other structures of the human body.

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Too fast
By Grzegorz W. on 18. October 2020 for Gastrulation and the Trilaminar Embryo

Too fast and sometimes lacking pretty basic, though essential details about the whole process.

Great Lecture series
By Arjavon T. on 07. September 2020 for Mesoderm Derivatives: Paraxial and Intermediate Mesoderm

Hello Professor Ward. M1 student from CA here. I just wanted to say that I think these lectures are super awesome, and thank you for taking the time for ensuring good quality while also making great responses to student questions.

By Susan C. on 02. July 2020 for Gastrulation and the Trilaminar Embryo

I find embryology confusing and this video really helped me out, thank you

By Mariana T. on 24. June 2020 for Early Development and the Organogenic Period

I was totally confused and feeling overwhelmed with this topic, but once I started watching the videos everything became clear. Now due to to this course and the excellent explanations, I feel ready for my embryology test.