Development of Thoracic Region and Vasculature
Development of Thoracic Region and Vasculature

Development of Thoracic Region and Vasculature

by Peter Ward, PhD

One of the most important phases in embryology is the development of the heart. Learn in detail about the formation of the right and left atria and the most common atrial septal defects. Delve into the world of AV canal development, separation of the ventricles, and formation of the outflow tract. Furthermore, Peter Ward will tell you everything there is to know about exam-relevant developmental defects of the cononotruncal ridges and shunts present in CHD.

Find out about aortic arches, large arteries and their morphological changes. Get to know the route taken by the recurrent laryngeal nerves and cardinal veins, and how large veins develop. Other important topics covered by this expanive course are subcardinal anastomosis formation, fetal circulation and the transition to mature circulation.

Lecturio and Peter Ward offer exam-relevant insights into respiratory development, including upper and large airway formation - the trachea, larynx, and lung.

And let's not forget topics corresponding to body cavity development which include the lateral plate mesoderm, diaphragm, and the separation of the pericardial and pleural cavities. A huge amount of information given in easy to understand, crystal clear lectures.

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Your Educators of course Development of Thoracic Region and Vasculature

 Peter Ward, PhD

Peter Ward, PhD

Peter J. Ward, Ph.D. has been teaching embryology, anatomy, histology, and neuroscience since 2005. He attended Carnegie Mellon University and later earned a Ph.D. in medical anatomy education from Purdue University. Dr. Ward enjoys finding ways to simplify the complex processes involved in human development and highlights the clinically-important aspects of embryology. Throughout these lectures, Dr. Ward shows how embryonic structures morph into the mature organs and other structures of the human body.

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Cardiac and respiratory videos
By Yumna M. on 15. September 2020 for Development of Thoracic Region and Vasculature

Awesome in everyway. Very concise and important info, and quiz emphasised test material!

fast, but clear
By YI-HSIN Y. on 20. July 2020 for Early Development of the Heart

clearer than the class I took in school fast, but since I like to rewind and listen again, it doesn't bother good for reviewing and getting key points

Claro pero corto y muy breve
By Andie L. on 16. July 2020 for Shunts Present in Congenital Heart Diseases

El doctor explica claramente los temas, pero ayudaría mucho más a los estudiantes si explicaran las patologias faltantes que causan shunt

Love the videos!
By KA MAN C. on 06. July 2020 for Development of Thoracic Region and Vasculature

I love how the lectures are organized and presented. Can see Dr. Ward is passionate with what he teaches.