Development of Thoracic Region and Vasculature
Development of Thoracic Region and Vasculature

Development of Thoracic Region and Vasculature

by Peter Ward, PhD

The thorax contains the cardiovascular and respiratory organs, which are required for immediate sustenance of life. It also facilitates the communication between the head and the abdomen by allowing passage to the esophagus and the gastrointestinal efferents of the vagus nerve. Adequate development of the cardiovascular and respiratory organs is key to attain compatibility with life at birth.

In this course, the student will be introduced to the stages of development of the heart, airway, and lungs. Along the way, they will also learn about diseases that occur as a result of errors in development.

For optimal comprehension, the student will be required to have preliminary knowledge of molecular and cellular biology and biochemistry, with an emphasis on cell division and gene expression. Parallel study of the anatomy and physiology of the heart and lungs is highly encouraged.

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Your Educators of course Development of Thoracic Region and Vasculature

 Peter Ward, PhD

Peter Ward, PhD

Dr. Peter J. Ward is a Professor of Gross Anatomy at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine in West Virginia, USA.
He obtained his PhD in Medical Anatomy Education from Purdue University in 2005. Currently, he is a respected teacher and researcher in the fields of anatomy, histology, embryology, neuroscience and approaches to learning and teaching.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Ward teaches courses on Embryology.

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Well explained
By Adam S. on 05. January 2024 for Formation of the Right and Left Atria

First time watching it and it's really well explained. Some things are hard to understand, but it helps to pause and try to imagine it. Couldn't ask for more. Educating videos shouldn't be movies, pausing to understand works fantastic as everything explained makes sense.

By Samuel J. on 21. July 2021 for Atrial Septal Defects

good good good good good good good good good good good goodfg

Sweet and clear explanation!
By Esmeralda G. on 08. July 2021 for Shunts Present in Congenital Heart Diseases

Awesome, this really comes in handy with the congenital heart diseases from Paediatrics, thanks Dr. Peter for being clear and giving us the key-points!

Why I liked it
By Elizabeth A. on 25. March 2021 for Development of Thoracic Region and Vasculature

The explanation is easy to understand, the pictures really help to imagine what’s happening. I would definetely recommed this lecture