Development of Musculoskeletal System and Skin
Development of Musculoskeletal System and Skin

Development of Musculoskeletal System and Skin

by Peter Ward, PhD

In this online course you will experience the development of the musculoskeletal system, including the vertebrae, limb formation, and muscle migration.

Upon completion of this course, you will easily be able to outline limb bone development, and know which signals are responsible for limb growth. Furthermore, you will be introduced to skin development and learn more about its associated glands, as well as hair, nails, and teeth.

This course teaches embryological topics to health science and medical students.

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Your Educators of course Development of Musculoskeletal System and Skin

 Peter Ward, PhD

Peter Ward, PhD

Peter J. Ward, Ph.D. has been teaching embryology, anatomy, histology, and neuroscience since 2005. He attended Carnegie Mellon University and later earned a Ph.D. in medical anatomy education from Purdue University. Dr. Ward enjoys finding ways to simplify the complex processes involved in human development and highlights the clinically-important aspects of embryology. Throughout these lectures, Dr. Ward shows how embryonic structures morph into the mature organs and other structures of the human body.

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Why it has helped me
By Elizabeth A. on 10. April 2021 for Development of Musculoskeletal System and Skin

The explanations are really clear, I can easily imagine the process. One of the best things are the pictures used on the slides.

buena conferencia
By Claudia A. on 18. March 2021 for Development of Skin and Associated Glands

elegí esta calificación por que considero que las imágenes explican muy bien lo que explica el profesor.

By José Z. on 14. January 2021 for Development of Hair and Nails

The whole series of lectures on embriology are top noch.

By Ignacio R. on 30. April 2020 for Development of Musculoskeletal System and Skin

Really simplifies and makes easier to understand the complexity of embryology