Conception, Implantation and Fetal Development
Conception, Implantation and Fetal Development

Conception, Implantation and Fetal Development

by Peter Ward, PhD

Conception refers to the fertilization of an oocyte by a sperm cell to produce a new diploid cell that contains the genetic information of both haploid cells. As soon as the ovum is fertilized, the process of cell division begins giving rise to the first group of daughter cells—the first step toward embryonic development. For this process to continue, the now blastocyst must be implanted into the endometrium.

In this course, the student will be given an overview of the processes associated with fertilization, embryonic implantation, and development. Along the way, diseases arising from developmental processes going awry will be discussed.

For optimal comprehension, the student will be required to have preliminary knowledge of molecular and cellular biology and biochemistry, with an emphasis on cell division and gene expression.

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 Peter Ward, PhD

Peter Ward, PhD

Dr. Peter J. Ward is a Professor of Gross Anatomy at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine in West Virginia, USA.
He obtained his PhD in Medical Anatomy Education from Purdue University in 2005. Currently, he is a respected teacher and researcher in the fields of anatomy, histology, embryology, neuroscience and approaches to learning and teaching.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Ward teaches courses on Embryology.

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By Mnm 3. on 09. January 2024 for Timeline of embryonic development: Weeks 5 and 6

good lecture that summarizes development through the days/weeks. thanks

Clear and Concise
By Asmau U. on 15. March 2022 for Germ Cells, Mitosis and Meiosis

I appreciate how both processes were explained and the difference between the two because I always seem to confuse them.

Great and easy explanation!
By Lucero A. on 25. August 2021 for Fertilization and Implantation

Very clear explanation, I understood everything quite well. Key concepts.

Very instructive
By As K. on 26. February 2021 for Germ Cells, Mitosis and Meiosis

This lecture has helped me a lot thank you so much!!