Central Nervous System (CNS) Medications (Nursing)

Central Nervous System (CNS) Medications (Nursing)

by Rhonda Lawes

Explore the Most Important Drugs for Central Nervous System Diseases

As you approach this series of lectures, you will experience a more extensive area of topics related to the central nervous system. Crucial topics such as Parkinsonโ€™s disease, Peptic Ulcer Disease, and Levodopa will be covered; as well as the medications and effects attached. The latter count as some of many highlighted themes to pay close attention to when you prepare for your NCLEX exam.

The course will also examine the causes and triggers of such neural diseases while shedding light on how a nurse should treat them precisely and professionally. You will revise the basics of nursing, such as the appropriate use of warfarin, to be further reminded of its importance and application in cases where you will have to deal with patients suffering from pulmonary embolism, for example, where anticoagulant drugs are required.

Other than high-quality video lectures, you can access quiz questions and downloadable material to aid you with your studies. Start learning today!

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 Rhonda Lawes

Rhonda Lawes

Rhonda Lawes is a Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) and Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma. She worked as a nurse manager at the Saint Francis Hospital and the Broken Arrow Medical Center. She has completed her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at Oklahoma State University.

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By Ariel C. on 06. October 2019 for Central Nervous System (CNS) Medications (Nursing)

The best nursing instructor Lecturio has to offer! I admire Rhonda Lawes as a nurse educator and respect her so much! She really knows how to simplify and makes things stick in your mind. I hope she teaches all nursing classes in the near future. She's an excellent instructor and has helped me so at this very in passing nursing school. I learn so much for her. Thanks you Rhonda Lawes for being awesome! Keep teaching because I can tell very passionate about what you teach. Thank for being amazing!!