by Brian Warriner, MD

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Reviewing the concepts of anesthesia can be quite challenging. It is a very dynamic and precise discipline, which requires a vast array of experience to fully master. Only an expert can help others gain an understanding of the complex knowledge behind the practice of anesthesia. At Lecturio we understand this, which is why we grant you unprecedented access to an expert anesthesia clinician. Join Dr. Brian Warriner as he reviews the key concepts behind the practice of anesthesia via high-yield lectures supported by interactive quizzes, topic reviews and mnemonics.

This course will cover all of the following, essential concepts:

  • Post-anesthesia Care Unit
  • Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia
  • Epidural Anesthesia and Analgesia
  • Spinal Anesthesia and Analgesia
  • Nerve Stimulator Usage
  • Brachial Plexus and Lower Limb Blocks
  • Opiate Receptor Agonists
  • NMDA Receptor Antagonists

Navigating through the complex world of anesthesia can be a daunting enterprise. Don't do it alone. Allow an expert to guide you, start reviewing with Dr. Warriner today.

Course Details

  • Videos 23
  • Duration 1:28 h
  • Quiz questions 62
  • Articles 10


Your Educators of course Anesthesia

 Brian Warriner, MD

Brian Warriner, MD

Dr. Brian Warriner has been an active clinician and teacher in the UBC Faculty of Medicine and has published in the anesthesia and medical literature. He received his MD from UBC and – in 2009 – the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society Clinical Practitioner Award. Additionally, he was the Head of the UBC Department of Anesthesia from January 2002 until 2005 and the merged Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, UBC Faculty of Medicine.

He has traveled to Uganda in the last 5 years, volunteering and helping in the operating room at Mulago Hospital and with the medical teaching at Makerere University. Currently he operates as a health system accreditor/surveyor for Accreditation Canada.

Dr. Warriner’s research has been focused on the use of blood substitutes in surgical patients, the value of pre-operative beta blockers, the reversal of muscle relaxants and the prevention of post-operative nausea and vomiting.

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excellent series
By Anastasia B. on 03. July 2021 for Pre-operative Assessment of the Patient – General Anesthesia

Subject is well explained, professor is well read and very approchable, overall excellent series on anesthesiology

By Susmitha B. on 12. February 2021 for Epidural Anesthesia and Analgesia – Neuraxial Blocks

He's a great teacher. I love how he explains the mechanisms of needle insertion in a way that I can visualize it.

By Jennah C. on 04. November 2019 for Anesthesia

I am an anaesthetic nurse and I’m watching this course of lectures to learn more about anaesthesia from the anaesthetists perspective. Dr Warriner explains things in very simple terms which enables me to follow along easily. I have already learnt many things I didn’t know before. Very worth while watching if anaesthesia is an area of interest for you.

Correct and complete explain of the tecnique of intubation.
By Diana D. on 01. February 2019 for Intubating the Patient – General Anesthesia

Correct and complete explain of the tecnique of intubation. I think you should include the criteria for intubation by ATLS.