Anesthesia in Special Situations
Anesthesia in Special Situations

Anesthesia in Special Situations

by Brian Warriner, MD

Gain knowledge to help your patients in special situations!

Understanding the principles on how to safely and effectively administer anesthesia can be a challenge - especially when this involves special patient populations and special situations. Review how to effectively administer anesthesia in exceptional circumstances with Dr. Brian Warriner, an experienced clinician and educator.

Gain access to self-paced, high-yield lectures supported by interactive quizzes, topic reviews and mnemonics to gain a better understanding of how to administer anesthesia to special patient populations in unusual situations.

This course will cover all of the following, essential concepts:

  • Airway of a Child
  • Equipment for Pediatric Anesthesia
  • Thoracic Anesthesia
  • Endobronchial Tube: Positioning
  • Complications and Other Issues
  • Neuro Anesthesia
  • Perioperative Medicine

Understanding the nuances of special patient populations and special situations can make all the difference when administering anesthesia. Don't delay, start reviewing today.

Course Details

  • Videos 11
  • Duration 0:50 h
  • Quiz questions 30
  • Articles 3


Your Educators of course Anesthesia in Special Situations

 Brian Warriner, MD

Brian Warriner, MD

Dr. Brian Warriner was the Head of the Department of Anesthesia at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and an active clinician and teacher in the UBC Faculty of Medicine.
He obtained his MD from the University of British Columbia, Canada, in 1980. He was a member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada’s exam board in anesthesiology, and worked at Mulago Hospital and Makerere University in Uganda as a health system accreditor/surveyor for Accreditation Canada.
Due to his achievements, he earned the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society Clinical Practitioner Award in 2019.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Warriner taught courses on Anesthesiology. He retired from clinical practice in 2016 and sadly passed away in 2019.

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Excellent presentation
By Alamin B. on 30. July 2021 for Anesthesia in Special Situations

Excellent presentations…I learned a lot from Dr. Brian Warriner. This is my first complete course on Anesthesia and i liked a lot. The pain management, palliative care and ICU aspect have a clinical relevance to any clinical practitioner or would be clinical practitioner. I used to think Internist usually go ICU residence but as I learned from Dr. Warriner that in Canada it is ICU program is available primarily for Anesthesiologist. Dr. Warriner will be remembered for this extraordinary Anesthesia course and I wish him peace and serenity.

Thanks for everything :D
By David-changsoo K. on 22. January 2021 for Perioperative Medicine – The Future of Anesthesia

Thanks for everything :D This was an awesome collection of information for anesthesiology!

Greetings from México!
By Fernando D. on 14. October 2020 for Perioperative Medicine – The Future of Anesthesia

Excellente Lecture, thank you for everything Dr. Warriner . Rest in peace

Very great course :)
By Niamh D. on 16. August 2020 for Perioperative Medicine – The Future of Anesthesia

Brilliant lecture series, really helpful as this is going to come up on my finals and hasn't been covered at my university! Thank you very much.