Anesthesia for Children

by Brian Warriner, MD

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    Hello ladies and gentlemen. In this lecture we're going to discuss some Special Areas of Anesthesia in which the anesthesiologists must adapt to Complex Surgery or Complex Medical Conditions in their patients, or to just unusual situations as far as patients are concerned. We're going to talk about Considerations for Pediatric Care, because children are different from adults. We're going to talk about how to deal with Thoracic Anesthesia and Thoracic surgery, which is a very complex and potentially quite dangerous area of anesthesia. We're going to talk about Cardiac Anesthesia and how we deal with open heart surgery. And we're going to talk very briefly about Neuro-anesthesia, and the Different Types of Anesthetic that may be necessary to help patients through the sometimes extraordinarily long operations. So we're going to start with children. And if you think children are just little adults, let me tell you, you're wrong. They are very much different, from an anesthetic perspective anyway, than adults. The anatomy is different, the difficulties involved in managing them are very different. And there are some risks associated with Pediatric Anesthesia that are not really associated with Adult Anesthesia. The first thing that's critical to understand is that the pediatric airway is quite different from the adult airway. And I can tell you, as I am an adult anesthesiologist, that one of the things I dread is having to intubate a child, particularly a child under two years of age. And the reason for that is that they are obligate nasal breathers, so you can't depend upon them maintaining their airway if you plug up their nose. They can't, they cannot breathe through their mouths when they're very small. They have proportionally a much larger tongue than adults. They have proportionally a much larger occiput, so it's difficult...

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    The lecture Anesthesia for Children by Brian Warriner, MD is from the course Anesthesiology: Advanced. It contains the following chapters:

    • The Airway of a Children
    • Equipment for Pediatric Anesthesia
    • Other Considerations for Children

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    4. Is best managed with a cuffed endotracheal tube in very small babies.

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     Brian Warriner, MD

    Brian Warriner, MD

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