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Med Surg Nursing & Pathophysiology

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Med Surg Nursing & Pathophysiology for nurses

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Medical Surgical Nursing & Pathophysiology are a challenging part of every nursing career. Coordination, multitasking, and high-level critical thinking skills are only some of the requirements. A passion for excellent patient care is the most important daily skill for medical surgical nurses. Rhonda Lawes, an Assistant Professor at the College of Nursing, will prepare you for the medical surgical test in a professional, relatable, and effective way. To give you the most important information you need to know for the NCLEX exam, Prof. Rhonda guides you through the different fields of med–surg, including all systems, nursing interventions, and worst-case scenarios, as well as a complete case study of stroke. She will also teach you theoretical knowledge about the nurse’s role in med–surg.
At Lecturio, you will learn med–surg topics with a strong orientation for NCLEX preparation at your own pace.

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1,200+ Medical Surgical exam practice questions

One question – three options for better review

This Med Surg Nursing & Pathophysiology video course includes

49+ hours

Med surg nursing video content.

4 minutes

Average time per video.

1,350+ exam questions

For better practice.

49+ hours

Med surg nursing video content.

4 minutes

Average time per video.

1,350+ exam questions

For better practice.

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The lectures are informative and concise, which makes revision and remembering key details easier. The quizzes help test my knowledge and memory which help me pinpoint where my knowledge is lacking or my strong points. - Tatenda

Cool way to think about it

Excellent simple way to think about a confusing topic! I finally have it straight in my brain. - Emanuel

Great lecture.

The lecture was clear and simple, and quite easy to understand. I especially liked when the lecturer posed the question and gave us the option of pausing the video to think and answer it. It made the class interactive and stimulated active learning. - Susantha

Loved it so much!

I wish I had these lectures during my school days. But still thankful these lectures gave me more understanding of the disease. - Ryan

I’m so appreciate you!

Im so happy that I start use this app. Every day I have many useful and new information in med. Its really needed on clinical practice. My grades have become better. Thank you so much for work that you do. - Roman

Thanks Rhonda

She is alway delivering the best on every topic. I love it. Thanks Rhonda. - Abigail

Smart Med Surg Nursing & Pathophysiology recall quiz

While watching Lecturio’s Med Surg Nursing & Pathophysiology video lectures, you’ll be shown recall questions not only to test your understanding but also to empower your active learning. Are you ready to test your knowledge?

About your med surg educator, Rhonda

Rhonda Lawes, PhD (c)

Rhonda Lawes is a Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) and Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma. She worked as a nurse manager at the Saint Francis Hospital and the Broken Arrow Medical Center. She has completed her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at Oklahoma State University.

Rhonda Lawes, PhD (c)

Rhonda Lawes is a Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) and Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma. She worked as a nurse manager at the Saint Francis Hospital and the Broken Arrow Medical Center. She has completed her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at Oklahoma State University.

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Frequently asked questions about med-surg nursing

1. What is Med-Surg Nursing class?

Medical-Surgical Nursing, also named as “Med-Surg,” has a clinical component and is a two-session class. The course breaks down the body into systems, such as cardiovascular or gastrointestinal, and reviews disease processes and health conditions that apply.

2. How do I study for Med-Surg?

Before you start studying make sure what type of learner you are: visualize learner, auditiry or tactile learner? If you know that you can tailor your study plan to you! But first some generel tips for learning: -Don’t read every chapter word-for-word – you need to know the key concepts -Additionally it’s important to know how to answer NCLEX questions -Memorizing material rather than understanding it -set enough time to study: Medical-surgical nursing is one of those classes that require extra study time!

3. How do I succeed in Med-Surg Nursing?

Follow the study tips and try to practice lots of NCLEX-style questions. In “Med Surg” you’ll be learning how to think like a nurse and additionally you’re learning how to apply the knowledge you’ve learned. In addition some professors will give you a study guide the covers important key concepts that will be on the exam. Do not ignore this information because they are usually very helpful.

4. Why is Med-Surg Nursing so hard?

The nursing course Medical-surgical is one of the first classes that nursing students’ encounter where it requires them to apply everything they’ve learned in pharmacology, pathophysiology, and health assessment together. In addition medical- surgical exams contain critical-thinking and NCLEX style type questions. Otherwise med-surg requires the student to fully understand the material, just memorizing material does not help on exams.

5. What score do you need to pass Med-Surg?

The Med Surg Certification exam is scored on a scale of 100 to 500. To pass the exam you must get a score of 350 at least. The test is rigorous and takes up to three and a half hours to complete.

6. How does this Lecturio Med-Surg course help me pass?

Lecturio’s Med Surg nursing course prepares you for medical surgical with numerous learning videos, spaced repetition questions and concept pages. Your educators have practical experiences in the field of med surg and explain even difficult topics understandably.
You can also prepare for the nclex style questions by answering the quiz questions which are also designed in the nclex style.

USMLE™ is a joint program of the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB®) and National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME®). MCAT is a registered trademark of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). NCLEX®, NCLEX-RN®, and NCLEX-PN® are registered trademarks of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc (NCSBN®). None of the trademark holders are endorsed by nor affiliated with Lecturio.

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Good Breakdown

by Lizandro R. on 2022-11-22 for Atherosclerosis: Pathophysiology (Nursing)

Great Breakdown and explanation. You guys make things so easy to understand. I get really frustrated with the book since it's really hard for me to sit down and read through a whole chapter, so it's a relief to have such a great breakdown on these subjects. Thank you

Creative and Helpful

by Kara S. on 2022-11-03 for Congestive Heart Failure – Causes of Pulmonary Edema (Nursing)

I love the way she breaks things down. Whenever she pops up in the lectures I know I am going to walk away knowing more than I did before.

Very helpful

by michelle L. on 2022-10-31 for Loop Diuretics: In a Nutshell (Nursing)

I love how you break down the various drug combo's.

Worth the investment!

by ANDREWS Y. on 2022-10-31 for Chronic Neurological Disorders (Nursing)

Simplified and succint! Prof. Lawes style of lecturing is fun and easy to comprehend.

Fantastically informative and to the point

by Molly A. on 2022-10-29 for HIV: Assessing Antiretroviral Treatment (Nursing)

Fantastic series on HIV/AIDS - Lectures share exactly what students need to be aware of when caring for patients with HIV and/or AIDS. Thank you, Rhonda. I always feel confident I will master the information when I see your face.

awesomely explained

by Lateefat A. on 2022-10-26 for Step 1b: Assessing the Heart Rhythm (Nursing)

very good job, nice examples were used to be able to understand, excellent

Simply simple :)

by Shannon F. on 2022-10-23 for Isotonic Solutions (Nursing)

Amazing lecture. cuts out the excess just what i need

Great lecture

by Kelly E. on 2022-10-22 for Portal Hypertension – Causes of Ascites (Nursing)

Explained very clearly helping me prepare for finals. Thank you

Complex topic explained simply

by Laura Melissa V. on 2022-10-14 for Myocardial Infarction (MI): In a Nutshell (Nursing)

Very well explained. The STEMI and NSTEMI classifications finally made sense to me. And I very much appreciate the EKG interpretation tips. It was all very practical and high-yield. The artwork was simple and very helpful too.

Simple and concise explanation

by Lyanne T. on 2022-10-07 for Acid-base Homeostasis (Nursing)

I think this video hits the balance between going slowly enough to ensure understanding and quickly enough to retain interest. I also like the frequent questions/pauses to answer. I felt like I was getting a headstart on spaced repetition and it did help reinforce that I was understanding the concepts.


by Juliana G. on 2022-09-22 for Oral Health Problems and Diabetes (Nursing)

Lovely. Rhonda always helps me in my medical lectures by giving extra acknowledge She is beyond amazing :)


by Kimberly H. on 2022-09-19 for Diabetic Ketoacidosis: Pathological Processes (Nursing)

She’s great! I like the way she lectures! Her way of teaching is very therapeutic!??

Amazing for med students :)

by Juliana G. on 2022-09-07 for Myocardial Infarction (MI): Pathophysiology (Nursing)

One of the best teachers in Lecturio. Acts sweetly and speaks easily.


by Cesar S. on 2022-08-04 for Insulin Resistance (Nursing)

Faltan medidas de prevención, asi como tratamiento y manejo en la vida del paciente

Helpful source

by Philomena G. on 2022-07-25 for Diabetes Type 1 and 2: Complications and Symptoms (Nursing)

The teacher is awesome she addresses what I struggle with the most.


by Yukari Y. on 2022-07-25 for Interpretation of Arterial Blood Gases (ABGs) (Nursing)

I have been struggling to understand this subject But this lecture with couch! And her way of explaining, finally I am getting it ! It is very good the way she tries to repeat every now and then And when she talks about nursing, I see that she puts very important thoughts about how to care the person with the way to talk. I am very happy to find this site ! Little bit struggling to mach my payed study chanel and app and YouTube site to be consistent….

Perfect Resource

by Alicia R. on 2022-07-23 for Medical Surgical Nursing and Pathophysiology

This course has amazing content presented by an excellent teacher. I love the spaced repetition and short videos.


by Nikki M. on 2022-06-04 for Acid-base Homeostasis (Nursing)

So Kool. Thanks again Rhonda Very easy to follow and understand

Thank you

by Nikki M. on 2022-06-04 for The Basic Components of an ECG Strip (Nursing)

Very clear and I love the step by step and great speed while talking. Thank you Rhonda


by Norbi L. on 2022-05-24 for Review of Tuberculosis (TB): Latent vs. Active (Nursing)

I am a student Nurse, and this program has saved my life, THank you!!

Professor Lawes rocks

by Almendra M. on 2022-05-13 for Manifestations of Right- and Left-brain Stroke – Stroke Nursing Care in ER

Professor Lawes explains lesson very through, clearly and interesting. She exactly hits the important areas students need to learn and does that very smoothly

thank you

by Nadine N. on 2022-05-10 for Review: Asthma Medications (Nursing)

important details that are given and how to remember them

Great presentor

by Rita K. on 2022-04-21 for Supplemental Oxygen: In a Nutshell (Nursing)

She explains topic well and in detail. Plus she is nice to listen to.

Awesome Lecture!

by Danielle S. on 2022-04-19 for Cancer: In a Nutshell (Nursing)

I chose this rating because Professor Lawes broke down cancer for me in a way that I could understand without getting bored and I have ADD so that says a lot!!! So glad I purchased Lecturio!!

Thank you for making nursing school learnable!

by Antonieta C. on 2022-04-04 for Step 5: Acid-base Imbalance and Compensation – ABG Interpretation (Nursing)

Professor Lawes, I absolutely love your teaching style. You get me as if you were right in my head. I love that interactive dialogue because often you are right about how I feel about something. For example, you will say something like "don't wait for me to tell you the answer!" I totally respond to healthy shaming and I bet so do many other students. I was so lost and miserable before I joined lecturio. My sons (10 and 7) came across your ads on youtube and urged me to give you a try. I confess I only did it to honor their suggestion. Wow what a revolution this has been! I wish they took my advice the way I did theirs! Btw, do you tutor 4th grade:)? I am in the 3rd semester of a two-year program and I see a light at the end of the tunnel thanks to you. Warmly, AC


by Fatmata B. on 2022-03-15 for Acute Kidney Injury (Nursing)

Great lecture. love the she breaks down the content. She is my kind of teacher.

I doing RPN.

by TEJINDER B. on 2022-03-15 for Complete Blood Count (CBC) (Nursing)

I really like the way she explain. I am learning a lot and I still have to watch more .


by Kaitlan M. on 2022-03-13 for Step 7: Measuring the QT Interval (Nursing)

So helpful learning ECG strips! Thank you! Will be recommending to all my fellow nursing student friends!

I love her

by Ghadeer K. on 2022-03-10 for Liver Functions and Dysfunctions (Nursing)

I am a medical student and I absolutely adore the way nurse Rhonda Lawes teaches. She has a palpable maternal aura that makes listening to her very comforting and it also makes me want to please her by doing well on my exam. Like she has expectations of me and I absolutely can’t let her down. She is so good.

One drink a day for males and females

by Riley M. on 2022-03-07 for Hypertension: Risks (Nursing)

The only issue with this lecture is that now one drink per day is recommended for both females AND males. It is no longer two drinks a day for males

One drink a day for males and females

by Riley M. on 2022-03-07 for Hypertension: Non-pharmacological Treatment and Patient Education (Nursing)

The only issue with this lecture is that now one drink per day is recommended for both females AND males. It is no longer two drinks a day for males


by Mahziar K. on 2022-02-05 for Reservoir Masks – Low-flow Oxygen Delivery (Nursing)

I am an MD and never learned the rebreather mask. This lecture helped me to know the oxygen delivery methods better.

Rhona Rules

by Lizzie F. on 2022-01-31 for Metabolic Alkalosis: Causes and Nursing Interventions

Rhonda I am a month in and you are getting me through my accelerated BSN program!

The steps work!

by Belen J. on 2022-01-09 for Step 4: pH Match-up – ABG Interpretation (Nursing)

I love how this was broken down and how it all came together in this video!

Love the content!

by Janette Y. on 2022-01-06 for Nephrons and Diuretic Sites of Action (Nursing)

This lecture was incredibly useful in understanding why certain medications are used and how they interact with the nephron. I learned SO much and it is very applicable. This kind of content is awesome, and exactly what I need to fully understand the subject. Excellent job!

Great as Always

by Lizandro R. on 2022-01-02 for Pupils – Assessment (Nursing)

Well explained. I love the way that professor Lawes teaches. She immerses herself with us in these scenarios and that helps us to understand them.

Well Broken Down

by Lizandro R. on 2022-01-02 for Orientation – Assessment (Nursing)

There are thousands of what that one could teach a student about orientation but professor Lawes does it in a way that gets your attention she lives with us these scenarios and that is what make these videos so well made

Couldnt be Simpler

by Lizandro R. on 2022-01-01 for Level of Consciousness (LOC) Terminology (Nursing)

Very good explanation. All the definitions are broken down, which makes it easy to understand.

inclusive information as I think!

by Hossam E. on 2021-12-31 for Portal Hypertension – Signs of Liver Cirrhosis (Nursing)

I loved it so much and Prof Rhonda is just awesome!

DM 1 vs.2 and more...

by Abel S G. on 2021-12-30 for Insulin Resistance: In a Nutshell (Nursing)

The video lecture was simple for students to understand. It hit on important points that students will see in exams. The pictures were awesome. Is there a ppt. presentation to use/

Love Rhonda!

by Keleisha E. on 2021-12-26 for Gastrointestinal Interventions – Stroke Nursing Care in Med-Surg

I so wish she did all the videos! Its so hard to watch the other presenters- i get lost in the information and don't understand as well :( Rhonda is so clear and gives appropriate examples along the way to aid in a much better absorption and understanding of the information.

Interpreting ABG’s

by Sarah H. on 2021-12-26 for Interpretation of Arterial Blood Gases (ABGs) (Nursing)

The orator presented the information in a way that was clear and competent. The layout was easy to follow. The couch strategy she used to categorize the values was beneficial to my learning. After following the steps of how to interpret ABG’s. I can confidently say, I understand how to interpret ABG values, I am able to determine which system is at fault, know if they functioning at a level to help fix the problem. What I’ve learned from lecturio, I am assured I can effectively communicate with other healthcare professionals. My ability to apply the necessary skills/interventions that will assist my patients in regaining their optimal level of functioning in a safe and effective manner has increased as a result of this information.

Main attributes of an effective professor

by Ruth W. on 2021-12-22 for Functions of the Bile (Nursing)

Professor Lawes exhibits effective didacts. Impossible not to focus and retain all we can. She reinforces key points again and again in fun and different ways. Her diction, intonation, composure, all of her teaching attributes make her one highly effective professor.

Fun and Effective Lecturer

by Ruth W. on 2021-12-21 for Bilirubin: Recycling of Red Blood Cells – Composition of Bile (Nursing)

Engaging, fun, makes learning more effective. Enunciation of words is quite pleasant. Voice intonation is pleasant. Even tired, I manage to keep my focus.

Rhonda is the best explaining with details!!!

by Maria C. on 2021-12-05 for Supplemental Oxygen (Nursing)

Love Rhonda, She makes it interesting to listen and understand with sign and symptoms. Easy to follow and make sense out of her lectures. Love all her vides and get upset when I have to see other instructors with no patient in teaching or give specific details. Some of them looks like they are reading out of a paper.

I finally can understand from A to Z from SCI

by Morejon M. on 2021-12-05 for Nursing Interventions for Acute Spinal Cord Injury: In a Nutshell

Rhonda Lawes is a great educator, I love her lectures

Easily Understood!!

by Kirti D. on 2021-12-04 for Acid-base Homeostasis (Nursing)

Videos are short; to the point, easy to grasp, knowledge check pauses, a quiz at the end. 100% RECOMMENDED!


by Tina S. on 2021-11-29 for Liver Cell Failure – Signs of Liver Cirrhosis (Nursing)

Absolutely amazing explanation! Step by step! Especially about the bleeding and elevated estrogen levels!

The best instruction and explanations

by Anna P. on 2021-11-16 for Respiratory Acidosis: Causes and Nursing Interventions

This instructor teaches the way all instructors should strive to teach.

cool lecture

by Sastia R. on 2021-11-13 for Physiological Effects of Albumin on Water Movement (Nursing)

you have explained it brievly, cool, thank you so much

Very informative

by Suzie D. on 2021-11-11 for Acute vs. Chronic Respiratory Failure (Nursing)

This is great if you don't quite understand the differences of acute and chronic. Very well spoken and taught better than my nursing school. Love Lecturio

Serum creatinine

by Jill A. on 2021-11-10 for Serum Creatinine – Renal Assessment (Nursing)

Awesome explanations from Professor Lawes! I definitely have a more clear understanding now . I have to go back , of course!! But I’m so happy I have the tools .Also, it’s great to “ see” her and have a teacher. I’m usually listening to study, but seeing and having her there , feels like she’s MY teacher! Thank you !

Visual learner!

by Marina S. on 2021-10-30 for Introduction to Diabetes Type 1 and 2: In a Nutshell (Nursing)

I enjoy the videos and the easy to understand the explanations. The CC are great! I am a visual learner and this helps me so much!

Lecturio video Medical Surgical Nursing course is a great one

by Chanel S. on 2021-10-07 for Gallstones and Cholecystitis: Introduction and Symptoms (Nursing)

I love it a lot because Rhonda Lawes is a great instructor and for her excellent job I feel so confident. I feel happy to hear Lecturio video course.

Easy to remember

by Alfonso V. on 2021-10-01 for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): Definition and Causes (Nursing)

I like how the lecturer simplified the topic( eg. simple and precise words, simple examples), this is helpful for international RN like me since English is not my first language.

Like it very much

by Denis M. on 2021-10-01 for Complete Blood Count (CBC) (Nursing)

I thought the app in the YouTube. So I just want to try it and it is very good

Renal & urinary anatomy

by Jill A. on 2021-09-28 for Review: Anatomy and Physiology of the Renal and Urinary System (Nursing)

Thorough and well presented lecture. Dr. Lawes makes a difficult topic of kidney much easier to comprehend than a dry lecture. Is there a way to look up gfr in more depth and dct function?

lecturio video player is a Headache

by Lysandra H. on 2021-09-26 for Impact of Corticosteroids on Leukocytosis (Nursing)

great class. terrible system! i need to keep reloading to watch the full video! omg

Very straight forward and easy to understand

by werner R. on 2021-09-26 for Acute Kidney Injury and Chronic Kidney Disease: In a Nutshell (Nursing)

Very good lecturer. She explains all her topics in a very easy and straight forward manner

Love it , but I am locked out this morning. It asked me to sign up for premium again??!

by Jill A. on 2021-09-16 for Neurological Assessment (Nursing)

Love it , thorough start . But I am locked out and asking me to sign up for premium again. Took quiz and out.

Good info

by Elijah K. on 2021-09-14 for Diabetes Type 2: Risk Factors and Family History (Nursing)

Very good presentation . This makes family history and lifestyle make sense.


by Melissa C. on 2021-09-12 for Orientation – Assessment (Nursing)

Rhonda breaks down complex concepts into practical, meaningful bits of information.


by Juan F. on 2021-09-10 for Respiratory Assessment (Nursing)

Excellent lecture summarizing all the fundamentals in so little time.

Great beginner nursing info for LVN students

by Kat M. on 2021-09-07 for Urine Culture and Sensitivity Testing (Nursing)

Very concise and to the point. Couldn't have made understanding the topic any simpler. I am an LVN student so this was awesome!

l love this teacher u are very clear and easy to understand thank u

by markeyah E. on 2021-08-21 for Urinary Tract: Anatomy (Nursing)

a vey good teacher breaks the lesson down so it is easy to comprehend thank u so very much.

Excelent Content

by Andrés N. on 2021-08-20 for Diabetes Type 1 and 2: Complications and Symptoms (Nursing)

I like how Rhonda explains everything but even better it's her enthusiasm! Thank you

I love how detailed this RN/Instructor is. She not demonstrated knowledge, but care and compassion. I love it!

by Danielle M. on 2021-08-11 for Hypertension: Non-pharmacological Treatment and Patient Education (Nursing)

This instructor is detailed in pathophysiology, but also goes into the care and compassionate side of approach and patient teaching. To be honest this is the kind of nursing instructor I wish I had. Thankfully I feel like I get to learn from her on this website. Thank you for your time and passion for teaching future (hopefully great) nurses! You are appreciated.

I wish I had used this website when I first started nursing program

by Bibian N. on 2021-07-23 for Medical Surgical Nursing and Pathophysiology

I give it a 5 star because so far what was covered in the section is well explained and it makes it easier to understand the key concept. Prof. Lawes makes med-Surg seem simple and fun. I wish that Prof. Lawes can go over ECG stripes and the complications. I just completed the cardio version of the lectures and there are no signs of cardiovascular complications.

For nurses

by Elijah K. on 2021-07-13 for Diabetic Complications: In a Nutshell (Nursing)

This series helps me become a better nurse who aims to partner with the patient.

by Paola S. on 2021-06-11 for Bronchospasm: In a Nutshell (Nursing)

Excellent case study

by Heather Shnider V. on 2021-06-03 for Case Study: Dehydrated Client Collapsing at Work (Nursing)

Great review of what happens with IV fluid replacement therapy.

Clear and simple

by Daylenis F. on 2021-05-10 for Loop Diuretics: MOA and Routes (Nursing)

Easy to understand, images help to remember. Explained in a calm manner, simulates a class environment. Very helpful.


by Al H. on 2021-05-07 for Partial Pressure of Oxygen (PaO₂) and Pulse Oximetry (SaO₂) (Nursing)

LIteral BETER than any nursing school out there. TAKE MY WHOLE MONEY

memory retention

by Shaun G. on 2021-04-30 for Review: Anatomy and Physiology of the Respiratory System (Nursing)

i am able to retain all this information in such a short period

Conclusive and easy to understand lecture

by Mohammad M. on 2021-04-28 for Main Functions – Unique Characteristics of the Liver (Nursing)

Very simplified lecture. Recommend to all biology lovers. Starting with basic steps and not passing too much information in one cession.

cardiovascular system

by Crystal R. on 2021-04-13 for Pacemakers of the Heart (Nursing)

great memorization tools, techniques and visuals. thank you very helpful.

Incomplete lessons

by Maria Sheila G. on 2021-04-13 for Hematologic Disorders – Med-Surg Nursing (coming soon)

Considering that I am paying for this course, I would expect that all of the courses would be ready for their clients

Watch the whole video series

by Erin P. on 2021-03-25 for Vascular and Nervous Complications of Diabetes (Nursing)

Rhonda... You're making me cry over here- thank for reminding us that our brains aren't broke ! Also, thank you for reminding us that our patients are people!


by ggg A. on 2021-03-19 for Influenza: Types and Symptoms (Nursing)

Thank you for this video, loved how concise and precise it was!

Straight to the point

by Nitasha C. on 2021-03-19 for Gallbladder Health: Patient Education (Nursing)

Very concise and to the point. Easy to watch and listen to.

Great Lecturer

by Sweta G. on 2021-03-18 for Pupils – Assessment (Nursing)

Really appreciate Rhonda. Very thorough and cares about the way information is given. Thank you.

Great lecture!

by Jiyoung A. on 2021-03-16 for Factors Affecting End-tidal Carbon Dioxide (EtCO₂) (Nursing)

I've been pretty good with Cardiovascular, Pharmacology, and Neurology but I got 1 correct answer out of 5 questions in this portion of lecture. It's challenging and I like it. There are lots of stuff to memorize and put together to make sense, which has made me watch this video over and over.

humb rule with the 4%

by Emanuel Y. on 2021-03-08 for Cannula – Low-flow Oxygen Delivery (Nursing)

the thumb rule with the 4% each level, now I got that and even I have a math formula for that- 21%+(L/min* 4%)

Cool way to think about it

by Anita C. on 2021-02-23 for Interpretation of Arterial Blood Gases (ABGs) (Nursing)

Excellent simple way to think about a confusing topic! I finally have it straight in my brain.

Loved it so much!

by Ryan S. on 2021-02-22 for Acute Coronary Syndrome (Nursing)

I wish I had these lectures during my school days. But still thankful these lectures gave me more understanding of the disease.

great lessons

by george H. on 2021-02-17 for Complications of Diabetes (Nursing)

your explanation is so great and simple,you make me understand every word

very good

by george H. on 2021-02-17 for Glucose Control in Diabetes Clients (Nursing)

thank you very comprehension the explication I can understand well everything.

Enjoyed the video

by Munmun A. on 2021-02-14 for Acalculous Cholecystitis (Nursing)

I thought this topic was very well explained. Thank you so much.


by malak M. on 2021-02-13 for Supplemental Oxygen (Nursing)

Excellent teaching. Thank you very much for the wonderful way of delevering the info

i like the way she teaches. she makes a lot of eye contact .

by Joseph K. on 2021-02-11 for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): In a Nutshell (Nursing)

i like the way she teaches. she makes a lot of eye contact .

Thanks Rhonda

by Abigail B. on 2021-02-10 for Brain Injuries (Nursing)

She is alway delivering the best on every topic. I love it. Thanks Rhonda.

Med-Surge Liver Review

by Karen R. on 2021-01-27 for Liver Functions and Dysfunctions (Nursing)

Best instruction ever, breaks it down and makes it easy to understand and learn.

Nursing Student

by Karen R. on 2021-01-25 for Alcohol Abuse – Unique Characteristics (Nursing)

Easy to understand, broken down perfectly. Her series is nursing is perfect!


by William N. on 2021-01-21 for RBC Count: Polycythemia vs. Anemia (Nursing)

very good lecturer. easy to follow. I learned a lot in this course

Thank you Rhonda!!

by Ravinder A. on 2021-01-16 for Myasthenia Gravis: Diagnosis (Nursing)

Rhonda Lawes is the best Instructor. She makes the content so interesting and engaging!!


by Nikki M. on 2021-01-11 for Respiratory Assessment (Nursing)

Rhonda does a great job at breaking everything down so it is easy to understand! So glad I found this resource for school!

Very smart

by Neuer N. on 2021-01-10 for Neurological and Musculoskeletal Disorders – Med-Surg Nursing

Very smart and applicable. Thak you for those who made this.

Thorough approach

by Dorothy W. on 2021-01-08 for Neurological Assessment (Nursing)

I love the way the content is broken down into sub-systems.

Fluid and electrolyte imbalances

by GARY F. on 2021-01-08 for Medications for Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalances (Nursing)

This lecture helped me understand the fluid and electrolyte content clearly and I was able to pass my exam

This apps is very interested to me,and so much helpful for me to prepare my self in nursing field already.

by Vanessa K. on 2020-12-30 for Brain Injuries (Nursing)

I choose this rating to emphasize how I feel about the course,I do like it so much,it's helping me to understand most of the staff I will accept next year when I start nursing course.


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