Social Thinking
Social Thinking

Social Thinking

by Tarry Ahuja, PhD

Social thinking describes how humans view their environment, including other people and their behaviors. Many variables, such as culture and personality, factor into the beliefs and attitudes we develop, which also shape the way we interact with one another. To interact with others, we need to interpret different aspects of a situation, including our perceptions of ourselves, the behaviors of those we observe, and the environment. The content in this course covers processes that contribute to prejudice, stigma and ethnocentrism, and processes related to stereotypes. It also covers our attitudes about others and how those attitudes develop, including how perceptions of culture and environment affect attributions of behavior.

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Your Educators of course Social Thinking

 Tarry Ahuja, PhD

Tarry Ahuja, PhD

Dr. Tarry Ahuja is a Manager of Program Development Pharmaceutical Reviews and Real-World Evidence Advisor at the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies (CADTH).
He obtained his PhD in Neuroscience with a specialty in electrophysiology and pharmacology from Carleton University, Ottawa. Currently, he is a University Lecturer in Biological Foundations of Addictions and Health Psychology at Carleton University.
He has undertaken clinical research with the National Research Council of Canada and worked in sleep disorder clinics for 10 years.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Ahuja teaches courses on Psychology and Sociology.

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I've Been This Way Before
By Ronald M. on 15. December 2022 for Social Thinking

I feel that I had taken the same course somewhere a long time ago. The material seems familiar to me. I am impressed with how easily I can relate to it. Sincerely, Ronald K. Marshall