Sensing the Environment
Sensing the Environment

Sensing the Environment

by Tarry Ahuja, PhD

Our sensation and perception of the world are determined by biological, sociocultural, and psychologic factors. It begins with the detection of an environmental stimulus via the sensory cells in our body. This stimulus makes its way through sensory receptors and complex biologic pathways before culminating in our cognitive centers, allowing us to interpret and make sense of it. Sensation and perception, although distinct, are both influenced by a complex interplay of the aforementioned factors, and therefore become almost indistinguishable in practice. Examples of sensation that demonstrate just how complex this functioning is are our senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. This course provides deeper insight into human sensory processing and perception.

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 Tarry Ahuja, PhD

Tarry Ahuja, PhD

Dr. Tarry Ahuja is a Manager of Program Development Pharmaceutical Reviews and Real-World Evidence Advisor at the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies (CADTH).
He obtained his PhD in Neuroscience with a specialty in electrophysiology and pharmacology from Carleton University, Ottawa. Currently, he is a University Lecturer in Biological Foundations of Addictions and Health Psychology at Carleton University.
He has undertaken clinical research with the National Research Council of Canada and worked in sleep disorder clinics for 10 years.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Ahuja teaches courses on Psychology and Sociology.

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Awesome video
By Amina Y. on 20. May 2021 for Somatosensation – Other Senses (PSY, BIO)

Dr Ahuja makes the Psych Soc videos fun to watch making it easy to learn. Thank you Dr Ahuja.

Perfect delivery
By Elizabeth Y. on 15. May 2021 for Sensing the Environment

Excellent delivery and breakdown of the information. The examples given helped with the understanding.

By Ann K. on 21. March 2021 for Sensing the Environment

Explained very well made it relatable. Great lecturer explained very well and gave good examples.

Excellent MCAT lectures for any premed studying for the MCAT!!!
By Sophie D. on 04. June 2020 for Sensory Pathways – Sensory Processing (PSY, BIO)

I'm a visual learner and Dr Ahuja explains psychology and sociology very clearly and into layman terms. And I absolutely love the fact that the lectures follow the MCAT AAMC outline to the T. This takes out so much anxiety from me. I know that I'm covering everything needed on the MCAT with a highly qualified teacher and excellent production.