by Tarry Ahuja, PhD

Content Category 8A includes the topics self-identity, self-concept, and social identity. These belong to both psychology and sociology. One´s own belief about oneself is called self-identity and includes elements such as gender role, racial identity or sexuality.

Terry Ahuja teaches you the different types of identities and the theories of identity development. Other topics covered are the influence of social factors as well as culture and socialization on identity formation.

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Your Educators of course Self-Identity

 Tarry Ahuja, PhD

Tarry Ahuja, PhD

Dr. Tarry Ahuja is currently a senior medical real-world evidence scientist for a major pharmaceutical company for Europe and Canada and is a lecturer at Carleton University teaching “Biological Foundations of Addictions” and “Health Psychology”.

He graduated with a PhD in Neuroscience with a specialty in electrophysiology and pharmacology from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

He has worked for over 10 years in the hospital setting in sleep disorders clinic working with patients and trying to better understand sleep patterns and sleep disorders. Additional, he has done over 10 years of clinical research in the areas of Alzheimer’s, stroke and ischemia with the National Research Council of Canada.

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great lecturer
By june z. on 20. November 2017 for Influence of Culture and Socialization – Formation of Identity (PSY, SOC)

great lecture. Very easy to understand with examples! very informative