Functions of the Bile (Nursing)
Functions of the Bile (Nursing)

Functions of the Bile (Nursing)

by Rhonda Lawes, PhD, RN

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Your Educators of course Functions of the Bile (Nursing)

 Rhonda Lawes, PhD, RN

Rhonda Lawes, PhD, RN

Dr. Rhonda Lawes is a Certified Nurse Educator (CNE), and an Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma College of Nursing in Oklahoma, USA.
She obtained her PhD in Educational Psychology from Oklahoma State University in 2016.
Due to her achievements, she has earned numerous teaching awards. She teaches nursing students how to use the science of cognitive learning to maximize their study effectiveness.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Lawes is the Director of Nursing Education Programs, and teaches courses on Pharmacology (Nursing), Medical Surgical Nursing and Pathophysiology.

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Main attributes of an effective professor
By Ruth W. on 22. December 2021 for Functions of the Bile (Nursing)

Professor Lawes exhibits effective didacts. Impossible not to focus and retain all we can. She reinforces key points again and again in fun and different ways. Her diction, intonation, composure, all of her teaching attributes make her one highly effective professor.

Fun and Effective Lecturer
By Ruth W. on 21. December 2021 for Bilirubin: Recycling of Red Blood Cells – Composition of Bile (Nursing)

Engaging, fun, makes learning more effective. Enunciation of words is quite pleasant. Voice intonation is pleasant. Even tired, I manage to keep my focus.