Geriatric Care

Geriatric Care

by Charles Vega, MD

Learn how to take care of this special age group!

As the population of the United States ages, there is a great need to highly competent care for older adults. Testing organizations are also emphasizing knowledge in geriatric medicine. This course will teach you about what to look for in taking care of older adults and help you get more questions correct on USMLE Step 2!

Learn to identify common medical issues among older adults, evaluate how to prevent accidents and iatrogenic illness and analyze best practices in end of life care.

Learn about:

  • Caring for Older Adults
  • Screening Exams
  • Medications for Older Adults
  • Hearing, Vision and Nutrition
  • Cognitive Decline
  • Death and Dying

Your teacher is Dr. Charles Vega, Health Sciences Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at University of California, Irvine and Director of the Patient-Centered Advanced Clinical Education (PACE).

To support your study progress, we will also share further downloadable material, interactive test questions with direct feedback, clinical pearls and mnemonics to make sure you're well prepared.

Don't let knowledge gaps get in your way to your perfect score!

Course Details

  • Videos 7
  • Duration 0:33 h
  • Quiz questions 24
  • Articles 6


Your Educators of course Geriatric Care

 Charles Vega, MD

Charles Vega, MD

Dr. Vega has over 20 years of experience in patient care and has led hundreds of didactics on clinical issues. He was also proud to receive a rare medical teaching fellowship that gave him highly valuable insight on curriculum design and learner engagement. Finally, he just loves teaching.

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Very yield informations
By Reynoldine N. on 17. December 2017 for Caring for Older Adults

Excellent teaching method! So easy to learn and retain the topics!

Great Job
By Saleem J. on 29. October 2017 for Geriatric Care

Brilliant, concise, well arranged, simple and easy to absorb. Love the offline download option and PDF presentations that helps a lot in revision. Great job.