What is AIDET?

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What is AIDET?

Effective communication is a crucial aspect of nursing practice, and it is essential for nurses to establish a good rapport with clients. AIDET is a communication tool that can help nurses introduce themselves to their clients and improve client satisfaction. AIDET stands for Acknowledge, Introduce, Discuss Duration, Explain Procedure, and Thank You. By following these simple steps, nurses can provide better care for their clients and reduce anxiety levels.
Last updated: December 4, 2023

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What does AIDET stand for?

 AIDET stands for Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, and Thank You. 


Acknowledge both patient and family, verifying correct name pronunciation if necessary. Show care and compassion. 

Direct eye contact, a genuine smile, and addressing clients by their name as soon as you interact with them can help them feel seen and valued even in a high-stress environment.


Introducing yourself effectively involves clearly stating your name, role, and briefly summarizing your relevant qualifications or experiences. You can also show your identification badge. 

People want to know who will be involved in their care. Providing your name and what you do, including your responsibility or status for that shift, can help them feel more comfortable and connected with their care team.


Discuss the duration of the upcoming procedure that you will perform. Provide length of time for procedure as well as when it will occur. Conveying the duration of procedures or waiting times can be a challenge due to the dynamic nature of healthcare. 

You can manage expectations by providing your best estimation and notifying them of any changes as soon as possible. Clear communication helps to reduce anxiety around waiting times and procedures.


Explain procedure prior to performing it. Omitting procedural explanations decreases patient satisfaction and increases patient anxiety. 

When explaining health status, treatments, risks, or side effects, use simple, non-medical language that patients can understand. Break down complex information into smaller parts and confirm understanding by asking them to explain it back to you. Also, encourage clients to ask questions.

Thank you

Thank your client for allowing you to take care of them or for allowing you to perform a procedure. 

Saying “Thank you” can be expressed in different ways. You can thank them for their patience, for providing necessary information, or for their cooperation during procedures. This genuine expression of gratitude enhances the patient’s experience, making them feel appreciated and respected.

What are the benefits of using AIDET when introducing yourself to your clients?

Using AIDET when introducing yourself to your patient can have a positive influence on: 

  • Compliance
  • Satisfaction
  • Clinical outcomes
  • Perception of care
  • Anxiety levels

Why is effective client communication so important in nursing?

Effective communication is critical because it helps in establishing trust, improving patient satisfaction, ensuring patient safety, and enhancing health outcomes. It allows for accurate assessment of patient needs, effective treatment planning, and successful delivery of care. It also aids in alleviating patient fears and anxieties.


What is AIDET?

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