Nursing School Survival Guide (RN)
Nursing School Survival Guide (RN)

Nursing School Survival Guide (RN)

by Elizabeth Russ, FNP

This course answers the most common questions that nursing students have as they progress through nursing school. Beginning with tips for which prerequisites to take together, and finishing with your search for your first job as a new grad nurse, the course offers advice concerning every potential career path and for every current nursing student.

This course is taught by Nurse Liz, a family nurse practitioner who has made all the common nursing school mistakes during her own education journey and has spent years troubleshooting the challenges of nursing school for members of her social media community. Don't have a clue what to expect in nursing school? That's OK! Terrified of clinical? Nurse Liz has been there. You’ll notice a common theme throughout the course: you are not alone, as others before you have had the same concerns. So keep in mind that there are no questions that are off-limits here, and inquiry is always welcome. We’ll do our best to provide relevant answers in the comments section or in a subsequent video.

To help reassure you of that fact, we've made a nursing community for students just like you. Head over to our discord server, where you can connect with other students, ask questions, attend live study sessions, and enjoy a safe place to share and connect with students who get it.

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Your Educators of course Nursing School Survival Guide (RN)

 Elizabeth Russ, FNP

Elizabeth Russ, FNP

Elizabeth Russ is a Family Nurse Practitioner (NP) and business owner.

Nurse Liz, as she is affectionately known, regularly offers tips to help nursing students excel in their careers. She uses social media to document the joys and challenges that come with being a working parent and healthcare professional.

Her platform is designed to be an open and safe space where students can share their experiences and insights to build confidence and encourage growth in one another as part of a community.

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Lecture Review
By Lornia R. on 07. October 2023 for Is Nursing Right For You? – Summary (RN)

I really enjoyed the lecture. It provides great insight into career paths, schedules, pay, and work life balance.

I Want to Be a Good And Competitive RN
By Sarfaraz Mukhtar M. on 17. November 2022 for Applying for Your First Nursing Job (RN)

I'm Sarfaraz Mukhtar,and I'm a Registered Nurse.I Know That This Could be Helpful for Me in my future.It Can Help me To Enhance my Abilities to Give More Standardized and Comprehensive Care to My Patients.Nobody Recommended me.and I Hope This Will help me Forever.

By Lisa M. on 15. November 2022 for Getting Your Brain in the Game (RN)

Thank you for this. I start Nursing School in January '23 and am grateful to have all this ahead of time.

By Alyssa C. on 17. September 2022 for Popular Bedside Nursing Jobs (RN)

Very honest. Very entertaining and educational about how different areas of bedside nursing jobs