Management of Care with Jessica Reuter (Nursing)

Management of Care with Jessica Reuter (Nursing)

by Jessica Reuter

Management of Care

Your patients have rights and deserve to be protected. Their well-being has to be classed as a priority for all collaborating care teams.

Alongside others, Jessica Spellmann discusses these principles of care management. The topics of this course encompass roughly 20% of the NCLEX exam.

Likewise included are:

  • The Advocacy of Care
  • Assignment Delegation and Supervision
  • The Concepts of Management

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  • Duration 2:32 h
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 Jessica Reuter

Jessica Reuter

Jessica Reuter has gathered experience in several areas of nursing, including telemetry, cardiac step-down, diabetes, perioperative as well as nursing education. She works as a clinical instructor for senior nursing students transitioning into professional practice and is an educator in the RN-BSN online program as well as coordinator of the operating room elective at The Ohio State University College of Nursing.

She is associated with the faculty at The Ohio State University, received the BSN from Kent State University and the MSN in Nursing Administration from Otterbein University.

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All the chapter
By Carlos Cesar C. on 04. January 2021 for Management of Care with Jessica Reuter (Nursing)

She don't have a clear voice , look like she doesn't trust what she says

Performance Improvement for Nurses
By Lisa Michelle S. on 23. December 2019 for Performance Quality Improvement (Nursing)

This is an excellent overview of Performance Improvement related to Nursing.

Good lectures
By Lucy C. on 12. February 2019 for Ethical Practice, Confidentiality and Information Security (Nursing)

It's precise and made easy to understand It brings out the management of care concepts and principles at it simplest form

Bad lecture
By Nikki W. on 25. September 2018 for Information Technology (Nursing)

You can tell she doesn't know what she is talking about. She is just reading something in front of her. I don't reccomend her. No enthusiasm at all.