End-of-Shift Checklist 

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End-of-Shift Checklist 

Long shifts can make nurses unaware that the shift is almost ending. Use this end of shift checklist to make sure you completed everything before the workday ends.
Last updated: December 4, 2023

Table of contents

Tips for your end-of-shift nursing tasks

  • Chart at the bedside whenever possible
  • Review your charting
  • Document education
  • 24-hour chart checks
  • Update the client‘s plan of care

What needs to be done at the end of a nursing shift? 

Around the clients 

All nursing clients need to have their detailed report for the following nurse; and all charting needs to be completed. Check that all medications have been administered according to schedule during your shift, and make a final check on each of your clients.

Documentation duties (end-of-shift reports)

Next to end-of-shift reports and charting, the task list and nursing care plans for the next shift should be updated. Some units may have an end-of-shift meeting. Ensure supervisors are aware of any significant changes in client condition. 

Organizational tasks 

Check equipment and supplies, and clean, restock, and prepare where needed. Lock cabinets or medication carts per facility protocol. Follow-up on pending orders and lab results before you leave. Clock out after you have handed over all your patients. 


End-of-Shift Checklist 

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