Fundamentals of Nursing: Theory

Fundamentals of Nursing: Theory

by Samantha Rhea

Get prepared for the Fundamentals of Nursing Theory!

This course provides the nurses of tomorrow with fundamental knowledge of issues surrounding the actual work on patients. As important as patient care is, every nurse needs to be equipped with some theoretical background knowledge too.

Samantha Rhea is a practicing Nurse and a passionate nurse educator at the Nursing Faculty of the University of Oklahoma. She will prepare nursing students in a professional, vivid and effective way for their nursing final exam or the NCLEX exam and guides them through the different fields of nursing fundamentals, including legalities in nursing, forms of communication, or patient safety.

At Lecturio, you will learn theoretical topics with a strong orientation to NCLEX preparation at your own pace:

  • Personality Traits of Nurses
  • Negligence Acts in Nursing
  • Communication with Interdisciplinary Teams
  • Risk Factors of Patient Safety
  • Documentation and Informatics

In addition to watching our high-quality video lectures, you can practice on quiz questions and download study materials. Start learning today!

Course Details

  • Videos 96
  • Duration 5:50 h
  • Quiz questions 190
  • Articles 0


Your Educators of course Fundamentals of Nursing: Theory

 Samantha Rhea

Samantha Rhea

Samantha Rhea MSN, RN has been a nurse since 2008 and a nursing faculty teacher since 2012. She has been recognized for clinical excellence as an interventional cardiology nurse and also led a Joint Commission Accredited Stroke Center. Ms. Rhea is an award-winning expert in clinical teaching and continues to maintain a current clinical practice and teaches at a University nursing program.

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By ggg a. on 19. March 2021 for Fundamentals of Nursing: Theory

Very good, short and concise lectures. Helped me very much!

Visually appealing
By Jigi Sara V. on 19. March 2021 for Infection: Breaking the Chain (Nursing)

The lecture was informative and very visually appealing. Samantha made the revision of the topic look easier.