Leipzig, Germany – The global physician shortage is expected to grow to 12.9 million by 2035, a trend which is already impacting every society around the world. Dr. Peter Horneffer, the Director of Medical Education Programs at Lecturio, believes the best way to tackle this shortfall is to change the way medicine is taught. Dr. Horneffer draws upon his experiences restructuring of the medical curriculum at the Oceania University of Medicine in Samoa to make the case that the current medical education paradigm is in need of a serious re-think.

Dr. Horneffer joined Lecturio in 2018 to support the e-learning provider’s efforts to address the growing shortage of physicians: “I saw the invitation to deliver a TED talk as an excellent way to reach a much broader audience and let them know how new approaches to the medical education process could have a real and far reaching impact on our ability to educate outstanding physicians on a global scale. The paradigm shift which is needed to address the global physician shortage is already well underway, and we at Lecturio are committed to being at the forefront of this process.” Dr. Horneffer makes clear that by scaling the educational capacity of medical institutions and training more physicians, the lives of countless people could be saved and medical education made more cost-effective. His professional journey highlights the impact these solutions can make in some of the world’s most underserved markets.

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