Cell Structure of the Human Body – Physiology (Nursing)

Cell Structure of the Human Body – Physiology (Nursing)

by Jasmine Clark
In this course, Dr. Jasmine Clark will guide you through all of the relevant aspects of the cell structure of the human body.

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Your Educators of course Cell Structure of the Human Body – Physiology (Nursing)

 Jasmine Clark

Jasmine Clark

Jasmine Clark, Ph.D., is a Senior Clinical Instructor in Nursing in Atlanta, GA. She teaches Human Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, and Advanced Pathophysiology to undergraduate, pre-nursing students. She truly enjoys being an educator and providing the foundational knowledge upon which students will rely when practicing as a nurse.

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Best medical app so far!
By Ifeoma A. on 17. January 2021 for Cell Structure of the Human Body – Physiology (Nursing)

I like it because the teaching was very clear. The illustrations used as examples always aid understanding better and enables effective learning.

good enthusiasm and content.
By Liz J. Y. on 06. November 2020 for Active Transport: Primary, Secondary and Vesicles (Nursing)

I like the way the content is presented. The framework of the content helps me to understand better what is going on.

By Isabelle F. on 19. October 2020 for Cell Structure: In a Nutshell (Nursing)

I LOVE THIS!!! I have a midterm in 2 days and this had really helped me comprehend this topic. THANK YOU