Interactive Case Files

In collaboration with faculty members of the Johns Hopkins Department of Emergency Medicine, Lecturio has developed interactive clinical cases to teach you the fundamentals of caring for patients with COVID-19. To safely and effectively care for these patients, it is important to be familiar with modifications to standard protocols. These cases will teach you what you need to know!

Updated May 07, 2020

Table of Contents

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Hypoxia Management in Ventilated Patients​

Patients with severe COVID-19 pneumonia may suffer from acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), an inflammatory reaction resulting in diffuse lung injury. ARDS results in hypoxemic respiratory failure leading to worsening dyspnea and an increased oxygen requirement. These patients often require intubation and mechanical ventilation. In this case, you’ll learn ventilator management strategies for adult patients with ARDS due to COVID-19. The learning objectives for this case are:
  1. List the differential diagnosis for hypoxia among ventilated patients with COVID.
  2. Describe an approach to the diagnostic evaluation of hypoxic ventilated patients with COVID.
  3. Describe an approach to ventilator management to treat hypoxia among ventilated patients with COVID.
Solve the interactive case:

We’re working on more interactive clinical cases to add to the growing list of free COVID-19 learning resources at Lecturio. Stay tuned – we’ll keep you posted!