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The 99-Day Study Schedule for USMLE® Step 1

This 99-day intensive study plan will teach you how to structure your time and your study plan to get the most of your dedicated USMLE® study period and dominate the exam.


Never settle for low scores. Everyone is capable of great scores if preparation is done the right way.

The 99-Day Study Schedule is built around a repetitive cycle of gaining knowledge, then reviewing and applying that knowledge for each subject or organ system. This study plan closely parallels the order and structure of the First Aid® for the USMLE Step 1 book.

By following this schedule, you will:

  • Watch 260 hours of high-yield video lectures
  • Answer 9,500 recall questions
  • Review over 630 pages in First Aid®
  • Complete 2,500 USMLE-style questions with the Lecturio Qbank