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Interview Series: Pandemic Perspectives

See how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected medical students all over the world, and how they found creative new ways to thrive in their everyday studying life.

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Students must complete a 4-year bachelor’s program along with premed requirements, and score well on the MCAT to qualify for most med school admissions. 
Medical education in the United States is a 4-year graduate program.

“Medical school is a marathon, not a sprint.” We know med school isn’t easy – but what makes it so hard? From fast-paced study schedules and huge amounts of study material to difficult exams and high-pressure clinical situations, there are a lot of challenges waiting for medical students. But with the right tools and tips, it can be done! 

Medical education fees vary across countries and even schools. According to educationdata.org, the average cost of med school in the US is $54,698 per year. Learn what to expect and how to deal with the cost of medical education here

Lecturio offers several unique features that make it an attractive choice for medical students in the US:

  • Comprehensive resource: Lecturio provides a complete package of resources, including a Qbank, high-yield video lectures, Concept Pages, and Learning Paths, all designed specifically for USMLE Step 1 preparation.
  • Powerful Qbank: Lecturio’s Qbank contains over 2,200 USMLE board-style questions with detailed explanations, high-quality illustrations, and First Aid references, allowing students to test their knowledge and improve their understanding of essential concepts.
  • Expert-crafted Learning Paths: Lecturio’s Learning Paths are curated by top USMLE coaches and offer customizable schedules, clear instructions, and practice exams, making it easier for students to strategically plan their exam preparation.
  • High-quality video lectures: Lecturio’s video lectures are created by expert educators, who deliver comprehensive and easy-to-understand content that simplifies complex USMLE Step 1 topics, ensuring thorough understanding.
  • Concise Concept Pages: The platform offers 1,450+ up-to-date Concept Pages that are high-yield and detailed with additional images, charts, and tables, helping students master new medical concepts and reinforce their knowledge of challenging topics.
  • Pre-configured study schedules: Lecturio’s platform allows students to tailor their study schedules according to their unique needs and goals, ensuring efficient exam preparation.
  • Flexibility: Lecturio is accessible on multiple devices, including computers and smartphones, allowing students to study anytime, anywhere.
  • Subscription options: Lecturio offers various subscription plans to accommodate different budgets and study durations, with full access to all resources and a 10-day money-back guarantee on the 12-month and 24-month plans.


These features make Lecturio a comprehensive and convenient resource for medical students in the US preparing for their Step 1 exam and throughout medical school. 

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