Reimagine Education with Lecturio – Global Award for Innovative Higher Education Pedagogies

Reimagine Education with Lecturio – Global Award for Innovative Higher Education Pedagogies

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February 1, 2017
The German eLearning provider was honored with the Reimagine Education 2016 Silver Award in the category "Digital Content" in Philadelphia. The annual global awards recognize innovative approaches in higher education enhancing learning and employability.
Reimagine Education Award

Every year, attendees from the world’s top universities and most promising EdTech startups gather together at the Reimagine Education Awards and Conference in order to exchange ideas to transform global education. Additionally, an international panel of 40 distinguished judges evaluates projects that are both innovative and scalable.

Lecturio users benefit from more than 500 hours of high-quality online video lectures given by hand-picked, award-winning medical instructors from the world’s most renowned medical faculties such as Harvard, Yale or Brown. The content of the courses is updated and expanded regularly and conforms to the internationally upheld standards set by the MCAT and USMLE in the U.S. With Lecturio’s notably successful blended learning method, students are able to use the learning resources (even on their mobile devices) to complement their conventional classes.

Martin Schlichte, founder and CEO of Lecturio, says: “In 2014 we developed a vision to create the best English medical courses worldwide. Doctors and medical staff are needed everywhere. But high quality educational courses in English, with integrally sound content, and which are provided through an advanced eLearning system, were nowhere to be found. We filled this gap in an impressive manner.”

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About Lecturio:

Lecturio is a leading international e-learning platform for medical video education, serving students as well as universities and medical institutions. Founded in Germany’s historic publishing center of Leipzig in 2008, it has advanced to become one of the major players in the e-learning market.

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