Lecturio Acquires NEJM Healer in Major Expansion of Clinical Education Capabilities

Lecturio Acquires NEJM Healer in Major Expansion of Clinical Education Capabilities

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June 4, 2024
Lecturio has acquired clinical reasoning education and assessment tool NEJM Healer from the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) Group.

Lecturio announced the acquisition of NEJM Healer from NEJM Group, publisher of the New England Journal of Medicine. This acquisition significantly enhances Lecturio’s clinical reasoning training and assessment capabilities for medical students and professionals around the world.

NEJM Healer, an innovative program to teach and assess clinical reasoning skills through virtual patient encounters, will be integrated into Lecturio’s medical education platform, solidifying its position as the leading precision clinician education suite. This acquisition marks a milestone in Lecturio’s mission to provide an integrated, evidence-based learning experience that meets the evolving needs of medical education and can help address the global shortage of healthcare providers worldwide.

Clinical reasoning is a core skill for accurate diagnosis and effective patient management. It involves the cognitive processes of collecting and analyzing information to diagnose and treat patients. According to an article published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in 2023, approximately 75% of diagnostic errors are related to cognitive errors committed by clinicians. Ensuring medical students receive sound clinical reasoning education is essential for patient safety.

“By bringing NEJM Healer into the Lecturio platform, we are underscoring our commitment to excellence in medical education. By combining our resources and expertise, we are even better equipped to deliver our educators and students a comprehensive, engaging learning experience that builds the clinical reasoning skills crucial for patient care,”
said Stefan Wisbauer, CEO of Lecturio.

With the integration of NEJM Healer, Lecturio will offer an unparalleled suite of tools to empower educators to more effectively and efficiently teach and evaluate learners. The synergy between Lecturio’s AI-powered learning technology and NEJM Healer’s focus on clinical reasoning creates a dynamic learning environment to foster critical thinking and decision-making skills.

“NEJM Healer becoming part of the Lecturio family is an exciting step in its development. We are delighted for Lecturio to combine their cutting-edge digital teaching assistant with NEJM Healer’s in-depth clinical capabilities, in a move that perfectly aligns with providing the best possible medical education experience,”
said David Sampson, Vice President and Chief Publishing Officer at NEJM Group.

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