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Lecturio Medical Premium

Lecturio is providing all ACEM-UFRO members with 14 days of free access to Lecturio Premium, including full access to all video lectures, quiz questions, and clinical cases.

Only valid for new users, see faqs below for details.


Offered in partnership with Academia Científica de Estudiantes de Medicina - Universidad de La Frontera

Our extensive medical library, right at your fingertips

Get full access to Lecturio’s courses and all Premium features


Learn, prepare, and review with ease and efficiency, using Concept Pages created by US-trained physicians

Video Lectures

High-yield lectures with integrated 3D anatomy models and multi-lingual subtitles.

Clinical Case Questions

NBME®-style questions with detailed explanations on all answer options.

Study Plans

Pre-configured study plans combine learning material and clinical case questions into 9–35 blocks per topic.

Retention Quizzes

Smart Spaced Repetition quizzes and an adaptive algorithm help you retain information.

Eligibility Information / FAQs

If you have not yet participated in an extended trial of Lecturio Medical Premium, you are eligible to receive free access for 14 days. This may not be combined with other existing offers, even if you are a member of multiple organizations/groups offering exclusive Lecturio access. Each Lecturio user may receive a maximum of 14 days free access to Lecturio Medical Premium.

This extended free trial will give you full access to Lecturio Medical Premium, which includes full access to all Premium features (all video lectures, quiz questions, exam questions, and other learning features).

Yes! During the time allotted for your extended free trial, you will be able to access all Lecturio Medical Premium features at no cost. After the trial ends, your progress will be saved in your account but to further access all features, etc., you will need to join Lecturio Medical Premium.

Unfortunately no. Lecturio Medical users are allowed up to 14 days extended free trial access total, even if you are a member of multiple partner organizations.

If you are already a Lecturio user and have not yet redeemed an extended trial, please contact our customer support department via our online contact form. Make sure to mention which organization you are with so we can verify the partnership to provide you with access, and also let us know which email address you use with Lecturio.

Contact our customer support team directly via our online contact form. You can also check out our help center for answers to more frequently asked questions.

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