Respiratory Disorders – Pediatric Nursing
Respiratory Disorders – Pediatric Nursing

Respiratory Disorders – Pediatric Nursing

by Paula Ruedebusch, Elizabeth Stone, PHD, RN, CPEN, CHSE, FAEN

Like adults, infants and children experience a wide variety of respiratory conditions, both congenital and acquired. This course offers an overview of common respiratory disorders affecting pediatric populations, including pathophysiology, presentation, and treatment.

An understanding of respiratory anatomy and physiology is needed to fully comprehend the nuance of caring for pediatric clients with respiratory disorders.

Although not every nurse will care for pediatric clients in their practice, respiratory disorders initiated in childhood can have lasting impacts into adulthood, making understanding these conditions beneficial to all nurses.

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Your Educators of course Respiratory Disorders – Pediatric Nursing

 Paula Ruedebusch

Paula Ruedebusch

Dr. Paula Ruedebusch is a Family Nurse Practitioner, Researcher, and Teacher in Colorado, USA.
She obtained her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) at the University of Colorado in 2012, and Master's Degree from the University of Northern Colorado. Previously, she was Assistant Professor at Seattle Pacific University from 2017 to 2020.
Due to her achievements, she earned the Seattle Pacific University Graduate Teaching Award in 2018 (SPU Graduate School), and was nominated for the UW Distinguished Teaching Award in 2016 (University of Washington).
Within Lecturio, Dr. Ruedebusch teaches courses on Pediatric Nursing.

 Elizabeth Stone, PHD, RN, CPEN, CHSE, FAEN

Elizabeth Stone, PHD, RN, CPEN, CHSE, FAEN

Dr. Elizabeth Stone is an Assistant Professor at UNC School of Nursing in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Having obtained a PhD in Nursing Science and an MSN in Nursing Education, Dr. Stone is involved in undergraduate nursing education and serves as a pediatric clinical instructor. She is particularly interested in Pediatric Emergency Nursing and serves the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) in a variety of roles. In addition, her research interests include pediatric triage, pediatric head injury assessment, and the use of immersive media in healthcare education.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Stone teaches courses on Pediatric Nursing.

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Informative and easy to follow
By Jeimilet S. on 05. June 2022 for Pediatric Respiratory System: In a Nutshell (Nursing)

Thoroughly enjoyed the comparison between adult and pediatric respiratory system and it being put into perspective. Very informative on pediatric respiratory system!

Great job
By Mamah S. on 25. February 2022 for Introduction to Pediatric Respiratory Disorders (Nursing)

Simple, well explained and easy to understand. And the video is short. I like it.

Easy to follow
By Nitasha C. on 26. March 2021 for Pneumonia: Etiology and Pathophysiology (Pediatric Nursing)

Ms. Ruedebusch really made understanding Pneumonia easy. It was so easy to follow along and I learned so much in a short time. Thank you all for creating this program!!

5 star
By BERTHA B. on 11. December 2020 for Respiratory Disorders – Pediatric Nursing

the best teacher ever. I wish i had you in every single subject. you make it so simple to understand and connect with student. There's nothing to dislike.