Pediatric Nursing (release in progress)

Pediatric Nursing (release in progress)

by Paula Ruedebusch

Get prepared for Pediatric Nursing!

Pediatric nursing is a challenging part of every nursing career. Pediatric patients are not just mini-versions of adult patients. They have unique physical, growth and developmental variables. A passion for excellent patient care is the most important daily skill for nurses.

Paula Ruedebusch is a practicing Nurse Practitioner and a passionate nurse educator. She will prepare nursing students in a professional, calm and effective way for the NCLEX exam and guides you through the common issues of pediatric nursing, including asthma in children, tonsillitis and measles.

At Lecturio, you will learn pediatric topics with a strong orientation to NCLEX preparation at your own pace:

  • Respiratory Assessment
  • Asthma
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  • Blood Disorders
  • Infectious Diseases

In addition to watching our high-quality video lectures, you can practice on quiz questions and download study materials. Start learning today!

Course Details

  • Videos 125
  • Duration 7:42 h
  • Quiz questions 175
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Your Educators of course Pediatric Nursing (release in progress)

 Paula Ruedebusch

Paula Ruedebusch

Dr. Paula Ruedebusch is a Family Nurse Practitioner, Researcher, and Teacher in Colorado, USA.
She obtained her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) at the University of Colorado in 2012, and Master's Degree from the University of Northern Colorado. Previously, she was Assistant Professor at Seattle Pacific University from 2017 to 2020.
Due to her achievements, she earned the Seattle Pacific University Graduate Teaching Award in 2018 (SPU Graduate School), and was nominated for the UW Distinguished Teaching Award in 2016 (University of Washington).
Within Lecturio, Dr. Ruedebusch teaches courses on Pediatric Nursing.

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This makes studying so much easier.
By joseph s. on 13. April 2021 for Blood Disorders – Pediatric Nursing

It helped me differentiate between blood disorders. It reinforced information important to know.

Easy to follow
By Nitasha C. on 26. March 2021 for Pneumonia: Etiology and Pathophysiology (Pediatric Nursing)

Ms. Ruedebusch really made understanding Pneumonia easy. It was so easy to follow along and I learned so much in a short time. Thank you all for creating this program!!

By BERTHA B. on 16. March 2021 for Cellulitis: Management and Complications (Pediatric Nursing)

explanation are a total summary of a chapter and made it easy to understand. love the pictures with explanations because for me as a visual learner, i can connect the dots and understand better

By micrush J. on 25. January 2021 for Giardia: Etiology and Pathology (Pediatric Nursing)

es una buena e importante reducción de el tema tocando cosas indispensables