Pediatric Nursing (release in progress)

Pediatric Nursing (release in progress)

by Paula Ruedebusch

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Your Educators of course Pediatric Nursing (release in progress)

 Paula Ruedebusch

Paula Ruedebusch

Paula Ruedebusch is equally passionate about patient care and nursing education. She is working as a full-time clinician while also teaching undergraduate, graduate and doctoral nursing courses, with the goal to help contribute to the education and training of high-quality clinicians.

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By Deb T. on 13. September 2020 for Respiratory Disorders โ€“ Pediatric Nursing

It was great. Very informative. I wish I had this 6 months ago.

By Karol V. on 11. June 2020 for Tinea Infections: Common Types (Pediatric Nursing)

excellent explanation, the images and the treatment will help me a lot

Very helpful
By Smitha Thomas N. on 18. February 2020 for Respiratory Disorders โ€“ Pediatric Nursing

I like it because, It helps me to catch up the different aspects of Nursing, as I am basically with neonates and kids .I know I couldn't go through the entire session, but I will do it.I have recommended this to my colleagues .

By Lingshan T. on 12. December 2019 for Respiratory Disorders โ€“ Pediatric Nursing

Very helpful, the content and mechanisms are clearly explained. It is very pertinent to everyday practice.