by Georgina Cornwall, PhD

Develop a deeper knowledge of nutrition and how nutrients and other substances in food have a relation to growth, health, disease, and reproduction.

Learn about the following topics:

  • The processes of food intake
  • Absorption
  • Assimilation
  • Biosynthesis
  • Catabolism
  • Excretion

Dr. Cornwall presents these well-structured online videos. Make use of the additional quiz questions and topic reviews to increase your knowledge.

Course Details

  • Videos 16
  • Duration 1:30 h
  • Quiz questions 49
  • Articles 6


Your Educators of course Nutrition

 Georgina Cornwall, PhD

Georgina Cornwall, PhD

Dr. Georgina Cornwall has taught a broad array of Biology courses at different U.S. universities, currently at the Colorado Mountain College in Aspen. Dr. Cornwall is an active promoter of hybrid teaching formats like online and interactive courses. Thus, she uses modern technology to engage her students in the diverse disciplines of biology – from Microbiology to Genetics.

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Overall Great
By Ephrem Yirgu N. on 03. October 2019 for Nutrition

The lectures are concise, straight to the point, and yes, fun. The quizzes also make it easier to focus, as well as help memorise important material. As with other lectures, it would be nice if USMLE style questions were embedded in the lectures for better integration of the topics covered.

By Bhavya S. on 06. August 2019 for Nutrition

The topics get into my mind in the first go

By Thiviet N. on 22. July 2019 for Nutrition

Surprisingly interesting and short course. Ms. Cornwall is fun to learn from.

Enjoyed the course. Thanks.
By Thiviet N. on 15. July 2019 for Malnutrition

Short and interesting course. Binged it in one sitting. Ms. Cornwall is a pleasant lecturer.