Nursing Assessment: Demonstration
Nursing Assessment: Demonstration

Nursing Assessment: Demonstration

by Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN
In this course, Samantha Rhea will guide you through all of the relevant aspects of nursing assessment: demonstration.

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Your Educators of course Nursing Assessment: Demonstration

 Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN, is a Nursing Educator with extensive experience in the higher education industry and acute care facilities, and currently works as a Nursing Instructor at Rogers State University.
She obtained her Bachelor's degree in Nursing Science from Northeastern State University and her Master's degree in Nursing Education from the University of Oklahoma.
Since 2012, she has been teaching nursing students at various universities across the US, while also maintaining clinical practice as a registered nurse.
Within Lecturio, Samantha Rhea teaches courses on the Fundamentals of Nursing.

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By Nikki R. on 22. July 2022 for General Bedside Assessment (Nursing)

Thank you???? This is exactly what I needed! My clinical instructor is focusing on assessments. I feel better about doing them now.

Good explanations
By Camille B. on 14. May 2022 for Head-to-toe Assessment (Nursing)

This video was very thorough and easy to follow. I needed a refresher before going into my preceptorship and this was very helpful! :)

loved it
By Karen S. on 24. April 2022 for Head-to-toe Assessment (Nursing)

prev rater was harsh this was much better than the instruction i got so giving it a good rating since it helped and was easy to understand, the landmarking wasnt included here but ive studied plenty myself so if youre looking for that just find an image online and count them on yourself/percuss on yourself

helpful preamble to head to toe
By Karen S. on 24. April 2022 for How to Do a Head-to-toe Assessment (Nursing)

the organization with listed infographics were very helpful to reinforce the logic of head to toe, and was a good summary for head to toe assessment